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Ron Gletherow
Ron Gletherow
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Mainly acoustic, a mix of folk, country, pop and whatever I feel like at the time. I don't like boxes. They only put limits on you.
Please say a prayer for my best friend and mentor, Sal Joseph, who passed away on Thursday, June 24th, 2010. *****IMPORTANT!!!!! PLEASE NOTE: THE SONG "BABES IN THE WOOD" IS DUE TO GO ON SALE IN THE BRIGHTON, UK BRANCHES OF VIRGIN RECORDS AND HMV IN OCTOBER 2007 TO COINCIDE WITH THE 21st ANNIVERSARY OF THE HORRIFIC MURDERS OF NICOLA AND KAREN...DAWN SINCLAIR AND I ARE HAPPY TO DONATE OUR ROYALITIES TO THE CAUSE OF CHANGING LAWS APPERTAINING TO THE CONVICTION OF PEDOPHILES AND CHILD-MURDERERS. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT ME OR DAWN SINCLAIR THROUGH THE USUAL SOUNDCLICK CHANNELS. THANK YOU.***** Ron and Dawn were recently contacted by Paul Williams, world renowned singer/songwriter/actor, who had this to say about the upcoming release of their song, "The Babes In The Wood": "Every act of kindness is a little bit of love we leave behind. I hope Ron and Dawns song touches someone enough to jog a memory and provide the information that will end this mystery. The tragedy remains. We can only fight to keep our own children safe , and to lovingly remember Nicola and Karen once ran joyfully together. Just 'Babes in the Wood". - Paul Williams My first CD, simply entitled "Ron Gletherow" is now available on CD Baby. The second, entitled "From England to New England will be available there very shortly. This first album is also available to download digitally from CD Baby and iTunes. ****PLEASE SEE THE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE TO CONTACT ORGANIZATIONS FOR HELPING KATRINA VICTIMS**** ------------------------------------------------- Hi, I'm Ron Gletherow, originally from England, where I played both solo, and with various bands for over 25 years before moving to Connecticut, USA. I'm a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and piano. I sometimes co-write with my wife, Meg, and sometimes with Debra Foster, my good friend and great lyricist from Nashville, Tennessee, plus the very talented Dawn Diamond from Scotland, Dawn Sinclair from England and David William Bethune from Canada. I generally do all my own recording, play all the instruments and do all the vocals (and make all the mistakes, LOL!). My one claim to fame (hurrah!) is that I appeared on British national TV in the show "Stars In Their Eyes" as my idol, Jim Croce. I've loved Jim's music for so many years, and it was so great to "be him", if only for a day, singing and playing to a viewing audience of over 10 million! In live sets, I sometimes perform solo, and sometimes as part of a duo, "Maggie's Guitar" along with my wife, Meg. Actually, that band name was given to us by our friend, and brilliant songwriter, Paul Williams (Yep, he of "Bugsy Malone" fame and writer of great songs for the Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, to name but a few). You see, Meg was very shy about appearing with me on stage so I had to "bribe" her by buying her a new guitar. Paul thought that was hilarious. Take your time and listen to some of my songs if you will. I hope you like them, 'cos then my living has not been in vain!! Take care now! ------------------------------------------------- Also check out these links to some great artists and good friends of mine on Soundclick:- Sal Joseph: Great musician, my good friend and mentor. Listen to Sal's music: Tom Orecchio: Another top notch singer/songwriter/musician and good friend. Listen to Tom's music: David William Bethune: My good friend and great songwriter from Canada. Listen to David's music: Jared Starr: Another good friend, and great singer/songwriter with a true "Garth Brooks" quality to his voice. Listen to Jared's music: Retrofin: Okay...so Peter, the lead singer, is family! Nevertheless, this is a great up and coming rock band from London. Listen to Retrofin's music: Dawn Diamond: The voice of an angel. I feel priveliged to have worked with Dawn, performing duets and co-writes on several occasions. Thank you so much Dawn, my friend. I hope we can work together again soon. Listen to Dawn's music: Dawn Sinclair: Brilliant poet/lyricist, and friend. So proud to have Dawn co-write with me on several songs. Dawn's lyrics are legendary in many co-writes with various artists on Soundclick. Listen to Dawn's music: Tony DeLecce: Great singer/songwriter musician, friend, and fellow Beatles fan. I'm also very grateful to Tony for showing me how to create these links (LOL). Listen to Tony's music: Michel Griffin: Superb singer/songwriter musician, friend, and poet in the Leonard Cohen style. Listen to Michel's music: Mark Ellis: Excellent singer/songwriter musician and friend. Listen to Mark's music: Svenni Bjorgvins: Superb singer/songwriter musician, and a master at production. Listen to Svenni's music: Carol Douglas: Another great songwriter, and good friend. Listen to Carol's music: Grand Jury: Great songwriter/musician and musical production genius. Listen to Grand Jury's music: Thomas Moore: Singer/songwriter and excellent guitarist of the folk idiom. Sit back, relax and listen to some great songs. Listen to Tom's music: Amy Caldwell: Talented singer/songwriter with a memorable voice for any number of genres of music. Listen to Amy's music: Johnny Proctor: Versatile singer/songwriter with some great "Beach Boy" style harmonies. Listen to Johnny's music: Michael Peace: Stylish singer/songwriter with a wealth of experience in the business. His song, "Paradise Is In Your Eyes" will be featured in the upcoming movie, "Surfer King". Congratulations on a great job, Mike!! Listen to Michael's music: ------------------------------------------------- My own site at www.rongletherow.com (which also has a bio of Sal on it), now has video clips of "Maggie's Guitar" live in concert, as well as video of my appearance on British TV's "Stars In Their Eyes". ------------------------------------------------- Also check out the Jim Croce Tribute Page at www.jimcrocefans.com Anything and everything for anyone who's ever listened to and loved the music of Jim Croce!! -------------------------------------------------
Band/artist history
Been writing and playing for as long as I can remember. You can find out a lot more at my web site www.rongletherow.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're just starting out playing live in New England, and seeking new venues for that purpose. I've previously played solo and with several bands back in England on the London club and pub circuit.
Your musical influences
Musical influences too many to mention them all. The guitar of Mark Knopfler, piano of Elton John, everything by The Beatles. The writing of James Taylor, Don McLean, David Gray and of course Paul Williams. The production skills (wish I had them!) of George Martin and Tommy West. The biggest influence of all has been the music of Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen, still so sadly missed. So glad now to be friends with Cashman and West, Sal Joseph, the wonderful Muehleisen family, and so many of Jim and Maury's dear friends.
What equipment do you use?
Takamine acoustic guitars, Fender Stratocaster deluxe, Ibanez bass guitar, dobro, mandolin, piano, keyboards, and a computer based home studio.
Anything else?
Thanks to Debra Foster, David Bethune, Dawn Diamond and Dawn Sinclair for allowing me to work with some really great lyrics, and for being such good friends. Thanks to Sal Joseph for being my musical inspiration and mentor. Thanks especially to my wife, Margaret, for believing in me more than I do myself, for all the help and encouragement given in my music, and for generally putting up with me. DISASTER RELIEF ORGANIZATIONS helping victims of Katrina Federal Emergency Management Ageny (FEMA) http://www.fema.gov American Red Cross http://www.redcross.org Samaritan's Purse http://www.samaritanspurse.org Catholic Charities USA http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org Operation Blessing http://www.ob.org United Methodist Church http://www.methodistrelief.org
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