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Eletronica, Euro, House, Trance, Tribal, Trip Hop, Jungle
Our Rainbow
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Give It To Me Baby (fullon version)
I'm Not In Love
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Ocean Dreams
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BIOGRAPHY: International Dance/Pop Recording Artist, songwriter, dancer and performer Arnold G always knew he would be in the spotlight. He started his career as a dancer and choreographer for various recording artists in Hollywood, California. After 10 years as a dancer, he became a print-model but his love of music brought him to local singing night clubs. He found himself winning singing contests throughout California. His soulful voice shoots straight to the heart, mixing melodic highs and lows. His music comes from a passion for dance music. His influences, ranging from Rock n roll and R&B to Dance music, coupled with a tough childhood shaped the desire and talent of one of Southern California's most hip and inspiring entertainer and vocalist. Starting voice training at age 15 and dance lessons at age 17, performing was a natural extension of Arnolds passion for music. Not only a singer but also Arnold G is very creative when it comes to producing shows. He is known for his theatrical creativeness. Arnold G's performance is a unique blend of high energy choreography synchronized to pulsating laser beams, nitrous fog machines and breath-taking stunts such as hanging on a cable high above the crowd attached to a disco ball. You never know what to expect when Arnold G takes command of the stage. The fact that he likes to surprise his fans is an understatement. As far as performances, some of Arnold G's influences include: Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson and many more. Arnold G is a man who needs little introduction to followers of the dance scene. As a performer he's showcased some of his talents at some of Southern California's most successful and longest-running night clubs and venues across the globe. As a member of ASCAP, the Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the owner of his own production company (Arnold G Productions), record label (A&G Records) and publishing company (Arnold Garcia Music Publishing - ASCAP), Arnold G has a great business sense as well. Arnold G's music is on regular rotation on Internet Radio, Satellite Radio and many other independent college radio stations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. His popular singles include Carry On, Angel Eyes, and his ..1 hit Ocean Dreams. Previous releases including his debut single "Im Not In Love" hit .. 3 on the house dance charts, Give It To Me Baby and all other songs hit top 40 on the SoundClick charts in two weeks!...a phenomenal level of success!!! As a performer he has been a part of shows at the White Party, in Palm Springs, Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, MGM Grand in Las Vegas and toured internationally in Prague, Germany, Budapest and Canada with over 1,000 plus viewers. Arnold G was born to be on the stage. His vocal talent and ability have been recognized and praised by some of the best names in music and theatre. To sum up Arnold G: He is an inspirational talent overflowing with resourceful vigor that is indeed rare and special in todays world of manufactured dance-pop stars. This is the real deal, straight up with no BS. If you are looking for pure pop-dance magic ready to whisk you off to another time and place that already lives inside you, his CD DRIVEN - Straight To The Dance Floor, is your ticket there. His music will be transmitted this summer via Radio across the country and night clubs. His deep soulful house, trance, club and hip-hop mixed with a great impact on the audience, are the genres for his hosting dance floors.
Band/artist history
ARNOLD G'S COMMENT: I think electronica is becoming a broader term for a lot of different genres; its no longer a specific kind of music within the dance scene. These days its really hard to label a specific sound. Styles are mutating and sprouting into this all-over new sound, which is basically dance music going back to its roots of disco. Theres so much good music out there and I dont want to limit myself to just one style. Arnold G has pushed himself further with his much anticipated first artist album, Driven Straight To The Dance Floor (out summer 2006). The title track has already dented the charts ..1. I wanted to take things a little bit further with the album, my definition of an artist album is something you can play at the club, on at home or in the car and really listen to, so its 12 brand new tracks that are very diverse, probably the most diverse things Ive ever done in the last two years. As a dancer you always have to take the crowd into account, but as an artist you have the freedom to make whatever you like, and I find that much more exciting creatively than being bound to that four to the floor or break beat or whatever. It was also a real luxury as I had about 16 tracks by the time I needed to finish it, and I only selected 12, as I worked the album just got better and better, so it was like drawing a line and saying thats it. Its really hard to let go to be honest, to stop the creative process! In fact, finishing Driven has had the opposite effect and seems more of a start than an end. Ive really raised the bar this time in terms of song writing. I know everything about house, trance and dance - I know how to make it, I know about software and computers, but what I hadnt had time is to invest enough time producing music technically, song structure, arranging, composing, thats something a little bit new for me but yet I can write lyrics and melody in less than half a hour. I didnt know I have such talent to write. Fortunately Ive found the right people to work with who understand about producing dance music and collaborating on my songwriting - so its been a perfect mixture of the two. After few years of fronting his own record label, he was signed with a major record label; Arnold G took the driver seat to free him with music biz BS. His album Driven will distribute it internationally. Now online and on fm stations, his website details who is already broadcasting it, and the list is still growing. There are more new listeners because more people can access it now. I think Dance is a universal experience; its one of the first musical genres that really showed its power through the internet, and I wouldnt be where I am now if it wasnt for internet! Post-album, Arnold G says hell be taking it easy for a bit. Taking it easy Arnold G-style includes touring America, UK and Asia (where he has a huge following). "This is just what I want," says Arnold G. "Its not love for music, its a passion, and it goes further than love and beyond a hobby, its about a way of living. Music is essential for my life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Do you perform live? Oh yes. You're known as an"International Dance Artist", so where have you performed? I've performed internationally in Canada UK, Prague and eastern Europe. Here in the US I've performed at GLBT Festivals, Knotts Berry Farm, White Party-2003 and various clubs including the RAGE Night Club, MGM Grand's Studio 54, Crobar, Montage, REVIVAL, Good Times, South Beach Night Club, Bananas, UNITY, Club Fusion, Le Clann, Gissier, and Club Mecca,. I've made appearances on "La Reina Del Barrio" a live television show and the radio talk show "Harrison On The Edge", as well a, being featured on Fox 11 news.
Your musical influences
None! Sorry, just kidding. My music influences are anywhere, anything from Led Zeppelin to Earth Wind & Fire. I also like classical and jazz. Since I'm a dancer...my passion for dance music, I decided to act on my love of dance music. Trance, House and tribal are my favorites. Performer influenced by: Michael Jackson, Jannet Jackson, Madonna, Pepper MaShay, Tea Austin, FLAVA, Shokra, Power Infinity, etc. These people are amazing on stage....you must see them...they will knock your socks off! DJ influences to name some: Paul VanDyk, Ferry Corson, Tiesto, Tall Paul, Doc Martin, Daniel Cella (DC) , George Type-41, DJ FRANK ABRAHAM(LA), DJ ABEL(FL), DJ Tony Moran(NY), DJ Paul E (LA), DJ Kevin Cunard (LA), DJ DELEON (LA), DJ AXIS (LV), DJ TEVA (LV), DJ HouseMon (IL), Dj Peter Wibe (UK) and many more.
What equipment do you use?
The majority of time I used programs Qbase or ProTools to create my music, however I also love to use live instrumentation whenever possible.
Anything else?
Songs: Angels Eyes Feel The Beat CAn You Feel It Im Not In Love Give It To Be Baby Land Of Ecstasy Tribal Of The World I Want To Dance Dance To The Beat Open Your Heart Carry On Our Rainbow Ocean Dreams Hey, Hey, Hey... You Got Me Hot! ...and more.
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