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A warm, seductive fusion of Soul, Brazilian Rhythms, R&B & Latin Spice with Spanish Flamenco Guitar and Worldbeat undertones. Sexy...Smooth...Inviting.
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If You're Gonna Leave
A sensual, smooth, midtempo Soul/R&B/Latin fusion with a hypnotic groove and meaningful lyric
A smooth, soulful R&B/Soul/Latin groove with 'worldbeat undertones'...
Livin' (English version)
A Soulful blend of R&B and Latin rythms. Percolating grooves, steamy vocals and Flamenco Guitar. Recorded in Spanish & English.
"Through My Eyes"
A beautiful piano ballad with a heartfelt lyric
Vivo (Livin' Spanish version)
A Soulful blend of R&B and Latin rythms. Percolating grooves, steamy vocals and Flamenco Guitar. Recorded in Spanish & English.
6 songs
Leila Live In Concert Highlights
- - - Leila effectively communicates a strong message in a very serene; classy and empowering way that makes you realize how music can truly affect you in a positive sense. Leila is indeed one of those artists with substance who sings songs that have soul"  Leila pronounced (Lay-la) is a multilingual artist/songwriter whose musical style has the capability of reaching many different cultures and crossing many musical genres. A truly international artist, she was born in Argentina to Spanish parents, grew up in Barcelona and Valencia Spain and later moved to Canada. Embracing Soul, R&B and Latin rhythms with "World" undertones in a smooth, sultry and warm style, Leila's sound is a soulful, fusion of passionate rhythms, percolating grooves, sensual vocals and romantic flamenco guitar. Fueled by her desire to celebrate and honor the diversity of humanity and to create uplifting concerts that appeal to the heart, her songs reflect this committment Her independently released debut, ÃâÅ“Of LifeÃâìŒ recorded in both English and Spanish resulted in a huge worldwide fan base! Voted best R&B artist on Cyberstation U.S.A. an online radio station with an audience of over 2 million listeners, Leila has also made the top of every online music site she appears on. These include, the late MP3 dot com (above numerous major label artists) and other sites as follows with: * #1, #2 & #3 on the R&B chart * #1, #2, #3 and #4 on the Soul chart * #1 on the Latin/Pop charts * #1 in Spiritual/Easy Listening * #1 on the World Fusion chart * #2 in the pop/love songs chart * #16 on MP3 dot com Overall TOP 40 chart above 100,000 songs in all genres * #1 on Soundclick * #5 and #6 on Garageband * The top 5 best rated R&B songs - Digizaar * 6 out of the top 10 in DIGITAL SALES - Digizaar * 5 out of the top 10 best rated World/Latin songs - Digizaar * # 1 on Sonic Garden **Charts are compiled from: most requested, most streams, digital sales, best rated, most added to playlists and song page traffic/hits!** TELEVISION PLACEMENTS: Her music has been featured on ÃâÅ“The Young And The RestlessÃâìŒ ÃâÅ“Days Of Our LivesÃâìŒ ÃâÅ“All My ChildrenÃâìŒ HBOÃââ„s ÃâÅ“SoulfoodÃâìŒ series, ÃâÅ“90210ÃâìŒ and several made for tv movies including ÃâÅ“They Call Me SirÃâìŒ starring Michael Clark Duncan of ÃâÅ“The Green MileÃâìŒ LIVE PERFORMANCES INCLUDE: She has opened up in concert for Latin Grammy winners Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gisele, Charlie Zaa and Tony Vega at Mohegan Sun Arena and had the opportunity to perform at Michael JacksonÃââ„s Neverland Ranch after receiving an invitiation to perform in order to help raise money for The Make A Wish Foundation. Leila has also performed at The Globe Theatre (Univeral Studios) Hollywood, honoring the legendary Jim Henson and with her exciting Afro/Latin/Funk band and 11 dancers Leila has also appeared at BB King Blues Club - Foxwoods Resort and Casino and Summerfest 2006 to packed audiences! NEAR AND DEAR TO HER HEART: Leila was also recently chosen as one of only 40 up and coming writers invited to attend the "Oneness Songwriter Summit" with such industry greats as Narada Michael Walden, MOTOWN LEGEND Lamont Dozier and KC Porter (of Santana, Toni Braxton and Ricky Martin fame) The song entitled "Change" co-written by Leila, K.C. and F
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I just recently opened up for Grammy award winning Latin stars Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gisele and Charlie Zaa. This was at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut to a sold out audience of 10,000! Needless to say it was an incredible experience! I was also blessed with the unbelievable opportunity to perform at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch! That was one of those amazing moments in life that couldn't be predicted and my band was truly blessed!. As for interesting performing moments how about this.....I once did an outdoor show for 10,000 people with a chimpanzee riding a unicycle and three elephants (with a bit of an attitude I might add)this was when I belonged to an amateur performing group in Canada. This is no joke, it was quite an experience but I swore I would never be outstaged by a primate again!!
Your musical influences
India. Arie, Sade, Alabina, Maxwell, Chante Moore, Gloria Estefan, Gypsy Kings, Don Henley, Karen Carpenter, Kaoma....the list goes on, so much talent and diveristy in this world. I am moved by profound lyrics and true musicality no matter what the genre.
What equipment do you use?
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