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Francis Courchinoux
Francis Courchinoux
4 Tracks
The Five Seasons album is a mixture of emotions. Just close your eyes when you listen to it and the different atmospheres will take you to another world. The
"The Five Seasons" album is a mixture of emotions. Just close your eyes when you listen to it and the different atmospheres will take you to another world. "The Five Seasons" mixes electric & acoustic guitar. It is rich and varied. The guitar techniques are used to bring up melodies to another level. Soft, fast and powerful, this album is hard to classify into a label of music style. Enjoy! :)
Band/artist history
From 1990 to 1996, I worked on stage and in studio with the French metal band Desdemona. The band played many gigs and recorded two demo tapes with three titles each. The Moonlight Slaughter tape was the bands first experience in a professional recording studio, and also the first approach to the music industry. We received excellent reviews in music magazines, were broadcast on radios, and got supported by enthusiastic fans. From 1997 to 1998, I worked on a video game project called "C4" for which he composed and played the soundtrack and created the sound effects. This project gave me the opportunity to compose a more orchestral type of music. In 1998 I moved to Dublin Ireland, where he worked in graphic design and later in the video game industry for Vivendi Universal Games. From 2000 to 2002 I created my solo project "FRUX", and made a demo album No Respect. In 2003, I started the composition of my first album "The Five Seasons". Giving another dimension to my music, I mixed different inspirations such as Metal, Flamenco, Jazz rock, and Classical music. I composed all instruments (including drums, bass guitar, orchestra instruments, etc). I also created a web site where the album is available for sale online. http://www.courchinoux.com/the-five-seasons/
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live in France in my previous band. A good one was with the French band Loudblast! Now I'm looking for venues to play my new project "The Five Seasons" live.
Your musical influences
Here are some of my influences: Dream Theater, Paco de Lucia, Steve Vai, Cynic, Vivaldi, Cacophony, J.S. Bach, Slayer, Paganini, Coroner, Jeff Beck, Jason Becker, and so many more...
What equipment do you use?
All "The Five Seasons" scores have been written using a computer for all instruments except for all guitar parts and the vocals. A Roland JV-2080 synthesizer module is used to play the Bass guitars, choral, violin, flute, orchestra parts, and a Roland TD-7 percussion sound module to play the drums and percussion, all controlled by Midi from the scores. In addition, I'm playing all electric guitar and acoustic guitar parts on a Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying-V and an electro acoustic Takamine classic EC132SCX.
Anything else?
Support the music you like adding your comments in the guestbook! :) This is really a great help for the band.