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Paul Oakley
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Instrumental guitar rock
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'Final Sunset' by Paul Oakley
Thanks for stopping by! There's a real community of great people here. Hope you enjoy my music - please keep checking back to see what's new. NEWS!!! Just finished my website and have a new song there called 'Call of the Wild'. Please listen, and if you like it buy it (it's only 99p!) - all profits are going to Wildlife charities to help protect endangered species, full details on my website!!!
Band/artist history
I started in a metal band called Omen in the 80s up in Lancashire. Played a lot of gigs over 4 years before we went our separate ways. Moved to the Cambridge area and joined Beyond This Place but this only lasted a year. Formed Renegade, an originals rock band in the early 90s and gigged and recorded for around 5 years. Had a two year break then joined Hope & Glory, a Cambridge based originals and classic rock covers band. We played a lot of gigs around East Anglia until the band split 3 years later. Had another break to re-record and master the Renegade CD that was never finished, then started Bridge Too Far, a Suffolk based band. Played two gigs before good old musical differences hit the band. While the band's on hold I thought I'd do my own thing....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played pubs and clubs around Lancashire in the 80s and Cambridgeshire/Suffolk in the 90s and 00s. Not gigging at present but trying to put another band together - there's no feeling like it!
Your musical influences
Ritchie Blackmore was my first and main reason for picking up the guitar. Guitarists I listen to are: Jan Cyrka Dave Gilmour Steve Vai Gary Moore Dave Meniketti Joe Satriani Bands: Blue Oyster Cult Pink Floyd Deep Purple Queensryche Thunder
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Ibanez Jem Jackson Professional Charvel Custom Fusion Yamaha APX4 Framus Texan 12-string Steinberger Bass Amps: Line 6 Flextone II Line 6 POD 2.0 Keyboard: Roland U-20 Korg Wavestation Korg M1 Recording: Akai DPS-16 HDD recorder Samson reference amp + Tannoy Reveals Behringer Composer Pro compressor Alesis Midiverb 4 Aphex Aural Exciter C2 Behringer VoicePro Behringer Ultramizer Alesis DM5 + trigger drum kit Alesis SR16 for the parts I can't drum myself!! Cakewalk Yamaha Finalizer software A whole load of other bits and pieces!!
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