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Rightfoot Running (NJ)
Rightfoot Running (NJ)
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located in middlesex county, nj, rfr is a creative 4-piece rock band with indie and alternative influences. rightfoot running pride themselves on their ability
Band/artist history
Rightfoot Running as an idea came to fruition in the winter of 2003 at Rutgers University. This is where two grad students of psychology realized the absence of a core part of their lives. In June of 2004, Scott and Bobby sat down in a living room with an acoustic guitar and mental filing cabinet of songs and began filling that void. It wasn't long after this, Scott and Bobby were playing out and Rightfoot Running was born. They soon met Dan Bass via a classified ad posted on Craigslist. Dan is a veteran of the underground music scene, and he and Scott enjoyed reliving moments from hardcore shows in the 90's. Next came along Steve, whose adept improvisational skill allowed him to fuse with RfR in a way that preserved the original meaning of the songs while maximizing the musics potential. Rightfoot Running self-deprecatingly boasts the title of most educated band in rock, priding themselves on their ability to create meaningful music as well as performing their passionate live show.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, as much as we can. NJ, NY, PA and anywhere else that will let us. We love playing out, and prefer to play venues that people attend to hear bands/musicians as opposed to drink beers and have background noise. We don't make for good background noise.
Your musical influences
A variety of musical influences come together for us as a band, ranging from indie and alternative rock to classical, orchestral, and opera. The bands that we consider our most notable influences are sunny day real estate, elliott smith, mineral, texas is the reason, and superchunk. More major label influences include the police, counting crows and u2. We also are fans of a number of other indie bands, like the shins, death cab, cursive, appleseed cast, the gloria record and a bunch more depending on the band member.