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The main genre of my music is grunge. Sometimes just soft grunge and sometimes very hard. The sound is similar to Nirvana, or Mudhoney. I know, people say grung
Cosh is a one-man-band. I play guitar, bass and make the vocals. I like to write strange lyrics, but they are never without sense. I played in a local crossover band a few years ago, but I had to quit, because I was sick. So, I started to create my own stuff. My live was a mess till two years ago. I had a serious drug and pill problem. But after my withdrawl I'm feeling much better, but depressive, though. You can see that when you listen to my songs. Now, I found my way back to my old band. They call themselves "Grass is Green" now. The music style is completely different compared to mine, but good though. Mabye you'll find them here, too, in the future. I appreciate your opinions about my songs. So, please mail me!
Band/artist history
1993-1997 Embrace 1997-2004 Solo as The Hermit/Mr. Daniels 2005-??? Cosh 2005-??? Return to my old band "Embrace", now called "Grass is Green"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment, I don't play live, just for small audiances, but this may change, if you all like my songs!
Your musical influences
Nirvana, Radiohead, Muse, Mudhoney.
What equipment do you use?
A Gibson Les Paul Standard, an Ibanez bass guitar, a Marathon Guitar, a Johnson accoustic guitar, as well as an Epiephone model. For my recordings I use the "Boss BR-900 CD" digital recorder.
Anything else?
Unfortunately, I don't have a real drummer yet and I'm not that familiar with programming the drum computer, but I'm working on that problem.
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