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Journey into the world of electro/acoustic music. A complex unit of many musical styles as abstract, electronic, post rock, jazz, etno...
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...NON FINIRe mai is beyond any imagination. NFM is Ales Uratnik, Slovenian producer and guitarist, well known for his weird music production through the years. His music is a coctail of different musical genres as abstract and intelligent electronic, post rock, jazz... spiced up with the sounds of eastern world and Balkan. All this is poured up into an overall melancholic, depressive like frame with multiple parts in background, matching beautiful melodies and complex arrangements into a style that is original, weird, and very much to be called his own. Ales started his musical journey as a guitarist for thrash metal outfit Epidemic Zone. Band performed with acts like Motorhead, Sacred Reich, Athrophy... and become one of the most respected underground prodigy in this part of the Balkan.
Band/artist history
NON FINIRe mai was founded on the ashes of premiere Yugo thrash metal outfit called EPIDEMIC ZONE.The band existed from 1987 till 1991, released two tapes and one Seven inch EP single "Touch against normality". They performed with bands like MOTORHEAD, SACRED REICH, ATHROPY, S.N.F.U. and numerous other local and international acts. After several changes in the lineup the original EPIDEMIC ZONE members Ales(guitar) and Tomi(bass) invited Primoz(drums)-ex.Pragwald and Milos(vocal)-ex. It's not for sale to join them in NON FINIRe mai. NON FINIRe mai achieved great popularity in the underground scene in the year 1992. Their demo tape DEMO'92 was selected for the demo of the month in ROCK HARD and several very good recensions followed in the UNDERGROUND EMPIRE, ZAP, FLEX, NO NAME... Unfortunately they could not perform as an opening act for FUGAZI (10th June 1992-Ljubljana), because of a dramatic accident that happened to their bass player Tomi Vucer on 3rd June 1992. After that accident, which crushed down the whole vision and perspectivity of NON FINIRe mai, only Ales decided to continue with making music under NON FINIRe mai name. In 1993 he released a demo tape DOCUMENT "DRAMA", his self financed project of four songs. Recensions in METAL HAMMER and HEADBANGER'S BALL got him an offer to sign a deal with German management for his future releases under ".... " record company. After one year of different demands and law complications about Ales nationality being Slovenian he decided to stay and be underground. In 1994 electro punk rock band Strelnikoff invited Ales to play a guitar during their recording of cover song "Man machine"-KRAFTWERK for MUTE RECORDS. Later that year they asked him to join the band as a bass player. In late 1997 STRELNIKOFF started to record their new CD "BITCHCRAFT". In 1998 BITCHCRAFT was released! The band was persecuted by the Slovenian government and Slovenian Christian church using very offending picture on CD. The case is not over yet. Ales decided to concentrate on NON FINIRe mai projects and dimensions!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I don't play live but I do live sound.
Your musical influences
Mr.Bungle, Bill Frisell, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Foetus, Thought Industry, Karate, Voivod, Tricky...
What equipment do you use?
Computer and software: POWER MACINTOSH G3 (266MHz Powered by XLR8 G4 450MHz, 356 MB RAM, Zip build in), external HD IBM 9G and QUANTUM ATLAS 18GB, Matrox 40GB, YAMAHA CDRW - 4260, SONY monitor Multiscan 200 GS (17"),ADAPTEC - Toast, EMAGIC- Logic Audio Platinum 5.3, EXS24, Audiowerk8, MOTU 2408mkII, BITHEADZ- Retro AS-1, WAVES- Native Power Pack, MHLabs-MLM 100, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS- ABSYNTH, WALDORF- ATTACK, PSP Mix pack, INTELLIGENT DEVICES Fireball EQ, KOBLO- Vibra 1000, SoundJamMP, PROSONIQ- sonicWorx Artist Basic & sonicWorx studio 2.5 and several other VST and premiere plug-ins. No music related software: Pixologic ZBrush, MACROMEDIA Dreamwaver 3.0 and Fireworks Studio Synths and sampler: Roland- JP8080, Yamaha MU90R + TX81Z, Sequential PROPHET 2000, NOVATION A station, Korg Wavestation SR Mixer: Mackie CR1604-VLZ Midi interface: Opcode Studio 64X Microphones: Oktava MK319A , Shure SM58,SM57, Audix D2, D4 Outboard gear: ART SGE Mach 2, BEHRINGER Composer, Sony HR-MP5, SPL Vitalizer MK 2, FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor, TLA Audio EQ1 t.c.electronic M.ONE Guitar related: Patrick Eggle guitar, Segovia acoustic guitar, Hohner bass, Marshall MP1+ JCM900 speaker 4x12, Mesa Boogie Simul Class 2:Ninety, Rocktron Replifex, SansAmp bass driver DI Speakers: MACKIE HR824, Teac PowerMax 240/2, Sennheiser HD455, Beyerdynamic DT100 Percussion: LP -Shake It, Bongos, African calimba, Taumborin, Stone shacker
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"Attack" DaBaby x 42 Dugg Type Beat
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