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Lady Isadora
Lady Isadora
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An experienced Witch priestess and ritual artist, Lady Isadora is a critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, guitarist, arranger, and producer. She was one of th
An experienced Witch priestess and ritual artist, Lady Isadora is also a critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, guitarist, arranger, and producer. She was one of the early founders of the Wiccan-Pagan musical genre. All three of her classic recordings, *The Queen of Earth and Sky*, *Priestess of the Pentacle*, and *The Witching Hour), are scheduled for June 2005 re-release on CD. Isadora is a legally-ordained clergywoman of the Craft, a trustee of the Universal Federation of Pagans, a member of ASCAP and the international Fellowship of Isis, and has been a biographee in *The World Whos Who of Women*. Following an absence of several years from the Pagan music scene due to family commitments and other aspects of her life and career, Isadora plans to make it up to her bewitched, bothered, and bewildered fans by releasing a series of long-awaited new albums and gigging as often as possible at festivals and other gatherings and events.
Band/artist history
Isadoras first album, *The Witching Hour*, was recorded in 1981 with her former partner, the formidably multi-talented Lord Pan. It was one of the first few Witch albums ever made. Following the 1990 dual release of Isadoras 24-track studio solo albums, *The Queen of Earth and Sky* and *Priestess of the Pentacle* (on which she duets with then-7-year-old daughter Andred on one song), Isadora has continued to hold a devoted following and receive high praise from a number of Pagan luminaries and publications. Initially sold through mail order ads in Pagan periodicals, *The Witching Hour* was soon picked up for distribution by Circle of Wisconsin, Magickal Childe of NYC, and other key founders of metaphysical networking and merchandising, going on to expand its sales through such companies as White Light Pentacles, Abyss/AzureGreen, New Leaf, and Ladyslipper. It has been praised as a significant inspiration by a number of popular and talented Pagan musicians who recorded afterwards, including Todd Alan, Kenny & Tzipora, Ariana Lightningstorm of Kiva, Lady Siobhan, and Angie Remedi, who called the work a fabulous achievement. With its forthcoming re-release on CD to a new generation of Pagan music fans, along with Isadoras celebrated solo albums, the former duos expressive vocals, accomplished musicianship, and compelling songwriting and arranging talents are sure to gain an even wider audience. Over the last nearly quarter of a century, *The Witching Hour* has been hailed as a historic contribution to Wiccan-Pagan recorded music, a beloved favorite of many in the magical community. Wrote Phoenix NightSong of NC about Isadora: ...this gorgeous haunting voice to rival Sarah Brightman, guitar prowess to rival Lita Ford, and a songwriting gift to rival Lennon-McCartney. From K. Vaughan of CA: Lady Isadoras voice is a gift of the Goddess. From L. Brustad of ND: ...truly the finest Pagan music I have ever heard. From C. Sheehan of FL: Divine Genius... phenomenal... From Lykaina, a writer from IL: ...amazing voice... to pigeonhole her or her music would be a mistake... The Goddess was smiling the day Lady Isadora was born, and bringing her voice into your life will make you smile, too. And from F. James of CA: Id like to say something nice about her music and her voice, but there are no words, at least not in the English language.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Wherever my heart leads me! It's all good.
Your musical influences
Joan Baez Joni Mitchell Jean Redpath Sandy Denny The Beatles Alvin Lee Led Zeppelin Billie Holiday
What equipment do you use?
Vocals, guitars, some percussion
Anything else?
Wrote legendary Pagan journal *Green Egg*: In Lady Isadoras voice hear the singing of quartz bowl bells. In her heart feel the dedication of Witch and bard. Her voice slides waterlike from strong high places to splash into pools of evenly-grained alto note progressions, then carries us all willingly down storystreams of love, defiance, ethics, evolution... [Her albums] are a wonderful collection for Pagans, Witches, and writers. Her voice is an instrument of surpassing beauty with which she tells our tales and sings our souls. Additional review accolades for Lady Isadora include: ...soaring flutelike exaltation... lushly beautiful melodies combine with words of power... *SageWoman* ... dont miss... sparkles with top professionalism... a voice that rivals Judy Collins for clarity and emotion. *Circle Network News* The Joni Mitchell of the Wicca movement... powerful... Website for Psyche van het Folk, Radio Centraal, Antwerp, Belgium ...an intelligence not often seen in this field... Raise your expectations for pagan music. *The Red Queen* ...excellent... delightful... I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her work. Raymond Buckland, PhD, author of *Witchcraft from the Inside*, *Wicca for Life*, et al. I was absolutely filled with joy... Every song, every line spoke to the heart... I cant imagine any Pagan being without them. DJ Conway, author of *Celtic Magic*, *Flying Without a Broom*, et al. ...a joy to listen to... inspiration while I write. Bettina Lindsey, author of *Swan Witch*, *Waltz with the Lady*, et al. My cat Seraphine has given her emphatic meow of approval, and believe me, she doesnt impress easily! Lisa Thiel, *Songs of the Spirit*, *Lady of the Lake*, et al ...a truly beautiful voice... brilliant. Kenny Klein, formerly of Kenny & Tzipora, *Moon Hooves in the Sand* et al.; author of *The Flowering Rod* Wow! Jennifer Reif, *Mysteries of Earth*, author of *Morgan Le Fays Books of Spells and Wiccan Rites*, et al. Isadora sings like the mermaids, full of truth and magic... lyrical, yet politically astute as well. A rare combination... Shekhinah Mountainwater, *Songs and Chants of the Goddess*, *Witch-a-Way*, et al.; author of *Ariadnes Thread* ...miraculous... spine-chilling... a true feast for the heart in all Lady Isadoras works. -- *The Wiccan Rounde* Her pure soprano voice comes from deep within her soul... moving, strong, poetic lyrics... Inspired and fulfilling music, highly recommended. *Heartsong Review* (1st review) Once more, Lady Isadora touches Pagan heartstrings with her lilting voice and magical melodies... themes of power and mystery... good thinking music... deep messages for contemplation mixed within the lovely harmonies. *Heartsong Review* (2nd review) ...amazing... haunting... a precious gift... *The Beltane Papers* (1st review) Listen to this music in a darkened room lit by candlelight, and let the magic happen. *The Beltane Papers* (2nd review)