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Frankly false & frank (COMBO) --- Adverb... open, honest... Truth of something false... FRANK rapping styles and skills... SINCERE
WARNING THE MCSFUK SOUNDCLICK HAS BEEN CONSTRUCTED ON A LOW PERSONAL BUDGET. THE LYRICAL CONTENT REQUIRES A MATURE AUDIENCE OF 18 YEARS OLD AND OR OLDER. MCSFUK IS INDEPENDENT AND FREE FROM ILLUMINATI CONTROL PLUS SUBSISTENCE!!! WORDS FROM THE PERFORMING ARTIST --- "My frankly way which is SPURIOUS is a lexical standpoint of logical condition. I do it for a truth effect that's the honesty and truth of something false. It's questions seems to have no clear knowledge of the truth whilst also seeming rhetorical. It tests the falsity of issues that are incorrect and modifies the correct to be Spurious. There's emphasis to subject matter concerning falsehood and distorted statements that are topical deceptions plus differing claims that define identities roles and status. The honest falsity of it's namesake spoken truth is the very frankly policy of the sincerity clause in keeping with being free of deceit and untruthfulness in general as my nature acts on transparency." The ultimate importance and inviolability of a frankly rapper that verily represents his media. The sanctity of Rap and Hip-Hop is in a rappers ability to keep it real with the lyrics and music. Apparently the truth is sanctified so with that theres MCSFUK. The truth of something false in name, style and skill is a lyrical technique adopted and performed by FRANK_UK known as SPURIOUS. This artistic name SPURIOUS in a combined form, such as, MCSFUK is and has been franks artistic reproach that attempts to make a sincere performance from its creative nature controlled by the performing arts of FRANK_UK. A Sincere and direct manner to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable sounding or shocking it may seem. Frankly - Adverb: 1. In an open, honest, sincere and direct manner to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable sounding or shocking it may seem... Frankly artistic names demonstrate style and skill of lyrics in sounding of name and nature... Audio/visual pronunciation and or lyrical form of art is Frankly False "Spurious"... Spurious (Artistic name) - Adjective... Spurious (Frankly False In Name & Nature) Is or reflects the nature of Frank(UK)... Frank_UK (Artistic name) - Adjective: Obscene Truths, Explicit Honesty, Frankly Blunt and or Frankly Sincere, Frankly Ill Sincerity... Anything true and or truly... FRANK_UK (ELKANA) (Artistic name) MCSFUK A Combined Form, and "Happening Together and TAKEN Separately like EACH"... Copyright 1994! Okay issues over how I inveigh as a gun head are due to the sole purpose of a cease fire with everybody on Earth taking on a basic attitude of peace or otherwise what is the point in living... It is rhetorical and yes peace is difficult because of the relentless warmongering attitudes of others. The war on truth is the war on you it is the war on me and what is true! My interests are hiding, invisibility, not being a coward ya hear me Haters, murder, crimes, drugs, beer, larger, vodka, juice, fizzy pop, spirits, divination, aliens, god, animals, pasta, pizza, vegetables, fruits, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, orgasms, sex, sexual health, durex, women, porn, music, photography, video, painting, drawing, education, roles, genders, mental health, psychology, sociology, money, science, physics, biology, maths, statistics, journalism, poetry, prose, responsibility, health, exercise, diet, detox, acupuncture, frankly spurious, honestly false, frank, truth, espionage, terrorism, alertness, vigilance, athletics, sports, internet, google, soundclick, youtube, myspace, facebook, mp3, graffiti, films, fiction & non-fiction books, fantasy books, sci-fi books, autobiographies... Status: Single & it is complicated! Here for: Activism, Networking, Friends & Sharing... Hometown & Citizenship: Bath (BANES), Avon and Somerset, United Kingdom. Orientation: Straight and or Hetrosexual Family Siblings: None (Only Child!) Body Type: 6ft 2in = 1.88 metre / Large / 12.5 Stone = 175 Pounds Ethnicity: White / Caucasian (White Chestnut Gold) Eye & Hair Color: Brown Distinguishing Marks: Cuts From Head To Feet & Tattoos and or Ink Religion: Spiritual / Spiritism (Raised C of E Protestant: Anglican Episcopalian Presbyterian) Syncretic Date of Birth: 17/06/1976 Conception: 23/10/1975 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Children: 2 Maybe Until Paternity/DNA Tested & (ATS) X-File Extras! Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes Political Orientation: Environmentalist, Economist, Social, Left and Right, Naturalist, Culturist Peacekeeper Occupation: Volunteering (BANES Overdose Prevention Team), Proprietor and or Individual, Member, Performer and or Representative, Self-Employed Sole Trader, Independent Retailer, Acu-Detox Protocol Practitioner (Addictions & Diseases) and or Specialist Health Care Practitioner, Book Keeper and Direct Marketing Consultant, Cordon Bleu Chef and or Grill Chef/Soux Chef, Barman, Disck Jockey & Royal Mail Post Man, Freelance Editorial / Publisher, Journalist, Writer and or Author... Education: College & University (STILL STUDYING) Training: Private and Public Sector, Catering and Hospitality, Retail, Direct Marketing and Business, Vending, Journalism, Creative Writing, Communications and Listening, IT, A Level Maths, Detox Protocol (Addictions & Diseases), STI Protocol, Motivational Interviewing Protocol, Child Exploitation Training... Income: Under-Construction! Pitiful idiots evil and stupidity is shamefully inspiring and drawn on WHAT MCSFUK: Performer & rep @ pamra & ukps (self-employed soletrader) member "ppl, vpl, mcps, prs & aim"... 3 artistic names: [(MC) Master of Creations...] Frank_UK, Spurious & MCSFUK A Combined Form by frank malcolm kembery = KEEP IT REAL! Sheesh How dare any of ya make out that my frank_uk bars are really evil spurious bars... TO HELL WITH YALL Sheesh Frankly I am not the evil Spurious that says, don't be evil with your body & mind *... That bar * is actually a Frank_UK bar ya FOOLS! "ITS THE SUBTLE THINGS IN LIFE... MAKES BIG THINGS HAPPEN!" GHL What is GHL Ya Might be Asking... ghl (GUN HEAD LAUGHTER) OR bbg (BISCUIT BEAN GIGGLES) gh or fgh dl (frank gun head distant laughter) A Spurious one would be ghy = gun head yurbles... Q.1 - "Is it keep it real or switch it all up 2 evil snob!?" Ooowee The games are getting old! yawn yawn... I am hating as I advance... SHEESH --- Frankly, destroying the Wack is a Major Priority! AT BEST THE CULTURAL BEAST CONSUMES AS IT COPIES NAILS
Band/artist history
THIS IS MY 18th YEAR OF BEING MCSFUK (08/12/10)... 1984 JUNIOR SCHOOL PIANO LESSONS! 1986 COVER VERSIONS INTO TAPE RECORDER! 1987 SCHOOL MUSIC ROOM SH*T! 1990/91 LUNCH TIME MUSIC ROOM RAPS! (ORPHANS) 1992 TWISTED MINDS! (COLLECTIVE) 1993 PADS & TAPES! 1993 LUKE SMITH COLLABORATIONS! 1993 DJ'ING @ SAVILLES ALONGSIDE "JUST"! 1994 TASCAM 4 TRACK RECORDER! 1994 SUMMER "ECOUTE" LIVE REHEARSALS - PEROXIDE HAIR! 1995 Thought of rhymes when on holiday in Amsterdam about the history, GRADES & Women! 1995 RECORDED WITH MORE THAN 7 ARTISTS & RELAXING! 1996 Sony Records! (Cool Free Stuff!) 1997 RECORDED WITH LUKE SMITH AGAIN! 1997 CLICK - MIDI & ACCESS MATHS REVISION! 1998 DJ'ING AT HUSH NIGHT CLUB & PORTER CELLAR BAR! 1998 Entered Radio 1 Rap & Hip-Hop Auditions! 1998 YAMAHA DJX! 1998 RECORDED WITH 2 NEW ARTISTS! 1999 Virgin Records Interview! (Crazy Cr*p A&R Nigel Wildman!) 1999 WRITING RHYMES EVERYDAY! 2000 Dumb Spiteful Rappers Still In The Game! 2001/2007 Tim Westwood wont return all my written rhymes without a legal battle! 2002 DJ'ING AT DELFTER KRUG! 2003 html & mp3! 2003 BA1! 2004 Performer & rep at PAMRA! (Self-Employed) 2004 FBI & OUSTED! 2005 Member of PPL & VPL! (Soletrader & Copyright Owner) 2005 E Mailed National Press Relating To Tim Westwood's Reluctunce To Return All My Material. BBC Complaints Department Later The Same Year Tell Me Tim Will Keep Looking/Finding All My Material! 2006 CM FRONT / MORE IGNORANCE! 2007 MOTO IS, DON'T GIVE UP & Ousted! 2007 FRANKLY THE DUMB SPITEFUL ARE MANY EXPENSIVE EMBARRASSMENTS TO THE GAME! 2007 EYES ACOUSTIC IN THE ABBEY COURTYARD! 2007 Invoices & MAD PRIDE DAY! 2007 The Egg Word Event! 2007 The Bell Pub For Live Music & Poetry! 2007 AUDIOPROSE POETRY & ACOUSTIC GIG IN ASSOCIATION WITH OXFAM OXJAM MUSIC FESTIVAL 19/10/2007 (FRANKLY PATHOS AGAIN URH!) 2008 Finished Self-Titled Debut Album "2NDNature UK" & did a few performances here & there about Bath UK. 2009 I got locked up again for a bit & kinda lost direction plus my Dad died! 2010 I started work on new material for MCSFUK & 2NDNature UK. 2011 I joined Amazing Radio but as of July I deleted my account! 2011 WOW IT IS LIKE MY 9TH YEAR ONLINE DOING BOTH MY ARTISTIC NAMES! 2012 coming soon online to the world wide web... the internet... jee juh & mcsfuk mixtape (winrar mp3 dl free) MP3's @ SoundClick... Sincere (Recordings & Management) UK - 0105804728/PPL Featuring MCSFUK & Others :: Music 2012 Vendor at The Big Issue South West Member & Copyright Owner at PPL/VPL Proprietor & Management: Frank Malcolm Kembery at Independent record label performer & rep at pamra NALOXONE (CARRY & ADMINISTER) at B?S PRIMARY CARE TRUST: OVERDOSE PREVENTION (NALOXONE) Self Employed - Sole Trader at Sincere (Recordings & Management) UK performer, rep & independent record label owner at PRS & MCPS Barman/Bartender at Barman at The Boater Worked at DHI - Developing Health & Independence (Acu-Detox Practitioner)... FEB 2012 Occupation - artist, performer, representative, member & self-employed sole trader, the big issue vendor, retail assistant (1990 - 1997), chef (1992 - 1999), royal mail postman (1998), perfect pizza supervisor (1993), cordon bleu chef, bar tender (on & off alot since 1994), resident dj (1997 - 1999), acu-detox practitioner, koh-san recording studios administrater (1990-91), b?s overdose prevention care trust volunteer (naloxone)... Education Open University (OU) social sciences honours degree nocn west access modular programme, 1997 buisness link uk Making A Living From Music, 2000 Whilst having grown up since 1976 and becoming a fan of rap and hip-hop since 1985 I have been recording my own music since I was 11 (1987) somewhat on a professional level so since 1987 to present day not only have I been working towards being a artist in my own right with my 3 artistic names I have also done other jobs and I still am...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I do & I own my own P.A. & Projector for doing Exhibition Performances of my artistic names, pictures, music videos, movie, anywhere if any of yall wanna book me then just e mail me! (frankmalcolmkembery@gmail.com)
Your musical influences
All like everything jazz, swing, rock, grunge, goth, modern, oldschool, pop, r&b, soul, classical, reggae, dub, dubstep, electro, house, techno, d&b, jungle, break beat, break core, rave, happy hardcore, rap & hip-hop, spoken word, downloadable bands, artists & EVERYONE MAKING MUSIC YA KNOW? I am eclectic quite frankly & can finger millions of songs to every song online basically... I would rather know than not know so from the lowest to gold to platinum to worldwide dominator/s to wack!
What equipment do you use?
YAMAHA DJX I & II, Evolution (MIDI To USB), AKAI Pro Headrush, Kurzweil MicroPiano, Clarinet B12 (Flat), Cubasis VST Version 5 (Midi), Kompakt, FL Studio Creative Edition, PCI SOUNDBLASTER, SB Audigy 2 ZS, SHURE 12AH Microphone (Raw & Dynamic!), SENNHEISER HD 433, Fender Electro Acoustic Guitar & Encore Electric Guitar, 2 VESTAX PDX-d3s & VESTAX PMC 17A, Technics 1200's/1210's & Technics Mixer, Kompakt Plugins, Royalty Free Kits & Tools...
Anything else?
I am a HUMBLE and MODEST man, business idea and about to be celebrating more than a decade of being a cyber artist. So much is going on in my life presently and I have so many people online to thank for all the kind thoughts they have shared with me about me. Besides the "World Wide Web" this very place is non-stop chemical indices of creation that are creatures or beings if one likes. All such living minds have a soul which I believe is somewhere in this universe. Some souls are privative stupid, disgusting & evil. Such beings always demonstrate the fact they have lived without a proper education in life whilst other beings are intelligent, pleasant & good. Life can be understood personally & collectively as it grows on each world that supports life. My entire natural life I have been exposed to being of physical injury & natural wear & tear due to 3 main causes of illness; invasion by micro organisms such as viruses (diseases); errors in my families genetic makeup (Mental illness, Deformities, Disorders etc); exposure to external factors such as pollution, pollens, poor diet, drug abuse, alcohol abuse & the effects of unprotected sex. Living or existing is all natural & can rise above all limitations to create a condition that is conducive to joy or pain. Hope, meaningfulness, importance, worth, principles, standards, love, respect, peace, equality, truth, health, help, friendship, understanding, learning & work is frankly the greatest creative achievements known to this very place. All the ideas behind making a unique statement in a artistic piece of art with all the materials which are used tend towards beauty or ugliness in life through art. Artistic struggles of artists have been portrayed by life accounts of artists relationships with others & on the more monetary side of making a living from art. To find deeper meaning in the popular & unpopular audio visuals of days gone by & the day today the internet is every artists greatest archive.
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