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Bigg V erb
7 Tracks
REAL hip-hop.For EVERYONE.Versatile and polished.
Bigg Verb..."keepin it strong...words I write so sharp,grab my notebook and you'll bleed from ya palms"...sums it up.Real gutta-witty shit.Currently signed to Long Range Distribution and is CEO of Baltic Avenue Entertainment.Chosen as one of Detroit's 8-best emcees in the Hip Hop documentaries "313 vs. 216" Parts 1 and 2.Also has won several club and radio battles but,"ain't wit that silly battle shit no more,it fucks up your writin!"This cat has opened for the likes of Bizzy Bone, Royce 5'9'' and several others.His LP is finally droppin in late summer."The Franchise" features 16 bangers of street-hop with the hottest lines and realest shit ya'll have heard in a minute.
Band/artist history
Began hustlin his own tapes at school and performing at house parties at 15.Got a name on the streets as one of the illest and took it to the clubs.Won enough consecutive battles to be called "The Battlecat" by some of Detroit's original heavyweights.Recorded several demos but never released one due to jail sentences,etc.After winning radio battles,being featured in documentaries,producing for other area artists,ghostwriting,running a recording studio and releasing a mixtape that got nominated for several awards; he finally began being funded by Mark Kempf.(Real Too Real Design,Long Range Distribution and Silent Records).-Mr.Kempf is responsible for helping to start the careers of Eminem,D-12,Paradime,The Ruckus and Hush.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Bigg Verb will be performing at every Detroit hot spot to promote this summer's release.Special moment?I guess you could say re-earnin his spot for the sequel to the abovementined move after what he refers to as his "worst performance ever" in the first installment.(He was in a tagteam battle in part two and his partner wasn't feelin it so he had to rip both cats aline...and he did!)Also, being asked to perform on the Hypnotiq Mixtape Tour and open for Bizzy Bone.
Your musical influences
Tupac,Spice One,Krs-1,DMX,Jimi Hendrix,Led Zepplin,Rakim,his pops(blues/rock guitar great Mike Wood),Wu-Tang,Ghostface,Outkast,Big Pun,NWA
What equipment do you use?
MPC 4000,Pro Tools,Rode Mics,Many pens and pads.
Anything else?
Nobody ever said that commercially exceptable hip-hop has to be weak,watered-down,etc!Verb manages to make shit for the streets,teach,come with the wittiest lines,keep asses shakin and satisfy the purists all at once!Nothin but reality too...if he say it, he did it,lived it!"To be real, right now;ain't NOBODY in the industry got nothin for me...for real!"
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