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Javier Medina
Javier Medina
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Javier Medina, Soprano, sings as a female pop singer and as a soprano castrati
HI my name is Javier Medina Avila, I am a soprano because a leuchemia I had about my seven years old. I can sing the same pitch as a female singer in chest (pop music) and in head voice (as a opera singer) because my larinx became atrophiate. I hope you like this samples.
Band/artist history
In the beginning of the XVI century a new tradition was born in Europe that will dominate the world of Opera singers for almost three centuries: The Castrati, adults males that in their early years had their testicles removed so they could keep the freshness and color of their child voice. They were taught by the Chapel Master, and if the child had, in his opinion a good voice, they were sent to the masters to study for ten years to be able to sing as a soloists. One or two of every hundred castrati became a good singer. These singers combined in this way the voice of a man, a woman and a child in one being. They became a myth that created a great impact. Some of the most famous castrati were Senesino, Cortona, Niccolino, Ballatri and Farinelli, who had the ability to go from a soprano to a contralto register and thus creating an instant of vertigo that compensated the singers for all their suffering. This made the Castrati the wizards of a suspended moment in time. Of the last Castrati registered in the Sistine Chapels books, exists a recording of his voice between 1092 and 1906: his name was Alessandro Moreschi who died in 1922. Because of the ideas of the French Enlightenment and the barbaric facts of castration, this practice was ended and eliminated this marvelous sound from the world. In 1970, in Xochimilco, México City, Javier Medina was born and suffered very similar changes to that of the castrati. Surviving leukemia when he was 8 years old, and possessing the same hybrid larynx as the castratis. His voice reminds us of those incredible voices by possessing the register of a Soprano, making him unique. The difference with a countertenor that had their normal secondary sexual changes and the larynx had its normal development so they use falsetto to try to simulate the feminine voice register. This doesnt happen with Javiers voice which is clean and pure as a soprano voice. For ten years Javier tried to find what to do with this Gods gift, but this search was unsuccessful and he was both mocked and rejected. In 1994 when he was about to give up his singing, Magda Zalles found him and believed in his ability and guided him. Without any significant teaching, he joined the Ancient Music Ensemble Ars Nova which she directed and toured through USA and Europe. It was not until 1977 when he found his actual teacher, Manuel Peña, Who started teaching him the possibilities of his register. Now He is studying with Mrs. Edith Contreras at the University in México City. His versatile vocal capacity allows him to sing various musical genres like opera (recreating the scores made for castrati voices from the XVI to the XVIII centuries) musicals (with the roles written for sopranos and mezzo-sopranos) and popular music as well. His first presentation as a soloist was in the theater play Of Monsters and Prodigies: the History of the Castrati that was written for him in 2000. This piece is partially based on Javiers 12 year research of the castrati, with which he received a fellowship in 1998 from the Mexican Fine Arts and Cultural National Foundation (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes FONCA) This play started in Spain in September 2000 with great success and has been invited to many international festivals like the Kunsten Festival des Arts in Belgium. His recently appeared in the Hispanic International Theater Festival in Miami, NYC and Puerto Rico in June and July 2001. The Professional Press said about him: a natural voice so pure and clean He speaks like a child and sings like an Angel His voice remind us the voice of the most important sopranist in world Farinelli The Castrato Azteca makes us climb the sky with his performance He is a talent that we would love to have at our countries, lets make him to give all of us this Gift of God. On 2001 and 2002 he performed the role of Mary Sunshine in Chicago: The musical, in México City. On 2002 he was elected by the Mexican Association of Theater Critics as the best musical actor, and won the Claudio Brook award 2000-2001. On September 2003 was invited to sing in Carmina Burana the role of the Roasted Swan at the festivities of the 10th. Anniversary of the National Company of Dance in the National Auditorium. Now He is performing the role of Gordinelli at CASTIN the Cabaret Show.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do like to play everytime... but no job at my door... HAHAHA
Your musical influences
I sing music wrote for castrati singers.