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Alex and Former Police Officer Ron
Alex talking about pigs
Peak in sub-genre #51
Bush lies, Pre Iraq Invasion
Bush lies, Post Iraq Invasion
Ashton Trying to Sell Thumb Print & Retina Scans
THIS IS NOT SPOKEN WORD HIP HOP AUDIO'S. This is a collection of audio (mostly vocal) clips of various things. This soundclick account is solely intended to be used by myself for hosting various mp3 audio clips, not to be voted on or listened to by anyone searching for Spoken Word Hip Hop. I am only using this space because it is the only place that I know of online where I can easily host mp3 audio that is easily accesible via linkage on websites, for free :) I needed a place online where I could host mp3 audio clips, to be able to link people on various websites to a selected clip(s), easily. I do not intend nor encourage anyone to vote for anything in this account. That is not the purpose of this account. I am only using this soundclick account to host easily accesible mp3 audio files (through linkage on websites). AND NOTHING ELSE. I chose Spoken Word in the Hip Hop section because I thought that it wouldn't have much traffic, therefor this account would not be a bother or get in the way of other actual music accounts, at all. If you happen to see this page, and listen to any clips, they are only being stored here online, for linking people to them from on other websites. They are not meant to be voted on etc. Thanks :)
Band/artist history
I have one sample of the first verse of a song that was recorded in Feb. 2005 called "(sample) Hoodbred Intro" amongst the other audio files. That song was not completed, and was recorded using basic recording equipment, and a microphone the size of one pinhole. I am a lot better, both rapping and flowing, and also writing, than what is displayed in that rap song sample. When I have the proper equipment of a semi-professional studio, then you'll hear songs that make that sound like it was made by a kindergarten student. I just won't waste my time recording my real songs that are written and ready, on basic equipment. There's no point in excerting all the energy into non-professional equipment. When I have proper equipment, you'll be surprised at my skill. Both writing and reciting.
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Saint Lauren (Lil baby / gunna type beat)
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