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Who Is Angelique
Who Is Angelique
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Angelique,Angel,White, Black,mulatto,Connecticut
On December 16th, twenty four years ago this multi-talented female was born into a family of performers at Manhattan Hospital. Shortly after being born she was taken to Connecticut where she would be raised. Before she even drew her first breath the seed of music was planted in her soul. Her father placed headphones on her mother's stomach while Angelique was still in the womb, so that she would be born loving all types of music. When she was born her father played soft music for her to meditate on while sleeping. Little did he know that this would change her whole world. Angelique's sexy voice is a cross between old school R&B combined with today's hip hop and R&B sound. You can't compare her style to any singer in the business, because she has a very unique voice. Her diverse sound comes from her diverse family background. African American, Native American, Italian, Irish, Puerto Rican, El Salvadorian, and Nicaraguan just to name a few, are backgrounds you'll find in her family tree. With such a colorful family it's no wonder her music has many influences. Angelique writes all her own songs and has been doing so since elementary school. Her music reflects her real life trials and tribulations of love, abuse, heartache, finding inspiration, and growing up too fast. At the tender age of 2 her father took her to the local pool hall where she would dance and sing on top of the pool tables for the players while earning quarters for the juke box. As she got older her parents entered her into many singing, modeling and acting functions, which only broaden her love for entertaining. Because of her uniqueness she has won solo parts in musicals, has been asked to sing the National Anthem at several sporting events, graduations, and beauty pageants. She has won several local talent shows, and has performed in local night clubs. Angelique's parents knew from an early age that entertaining was her destiny. Angelique wrote her first song in elementary school. She was forced to mature rather young when she moved out on her own at the age of sixteen. Her music replicates that maturity. In addition to being a singer, Angelique is also a choreographer, an artist, and a model. Not only will her hip-hop beats make you want to dance, but each song has a story to tell that is easily relatable. With such an exclusive style she will surely leave a lasting impression on everyone. She has the voice that will stand the test of time. She is the new sound of R&B!!!
Band/artist history
I've been singing and performing since I was 2 years old and I always knew that this was what I was destined to do. It's not just a hobby of mine, it's really in my heart. It's my passion.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live, there's nothing like it.
Your musical influences
Patti La Belle, Teena Marie, Earth Wind & Fire, Old school Whitney Houston, Sade, Prince, EnVogue, Jade, New Edition, Michael & Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, Mya, and Beyonce, Alicia Keys have heavily influenced her.
Anything else?
"Be persistent, be hopeful, and work hard toward your dream. Persistence, dedication, hope, and hard work might not sound very glamorous, but they are the ingredients necessary to take you out of mediocrity and make your dreams come true!!!"
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