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songwriter goes rock pop
McFeel is the band around the songwriter, guitarist, piano player and singer Andy McFeel. He is also on the road as a solo artists but prefers to perform with his band. Good critics by pro's and companies have not yet led to become discovered.
Band/artist history
German-based songwriter Andy McFeel started to make music as an 11-year-old when he got a drum set as a birthday present. Six months before, he had started having piano-lessons but quit after a few months, claiming he didn't like playing other poeple's songs - even if their name was Mozart. While playing the drums in a jazz-rock-band he started learnibg how to play the guitar because he wanted to get be more influential in the songs being played by his band. This was the beginning of his songwriting. A few years later, a collaboration with an American lyricist brought Andy back to the piano. In fact, he taught himself how to play all the intruments he now uses to compose and maybe that's why he's one of those musicians who have been able to create their own style, though of course you can tell, he's influenced by Sting, Toto and Elton John. But his self-studying of music and concentration on "songs wanted" helped to broaden his musical background to the point where nowadays, he even writes real latin stuff! So check out his music from pop to rock'n roll, from country to latin and professionel requests are welcome. "I am writing a lot of songs in different styles that are not meant to be performed by myself though my first single came out in September 2003 on the German SongHouse label. So just contact me if you have "songs wanted" and I'll be glad to provide some of my material."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love to play shows. They usually take place in the northern part of Germany where we live. But it's not that easy to get a lot of gigs cause the bookers prefer cover bands, but that's probably the same anywhere.
Your musical influences
I've been influenced very much by the 70's and 80's music. Bands like TOTO, SANTANA, KANSAS I liked very much. Nowadays some of my songwriting reminds me of Billy Joel or Elton John. I simply try to write good and timeless songs.
Anything else?
It's about time that the record companies in Europe remember that some of the potential record buyers are adults and would like to listen to adequate music. There are so many people around me who don't listen to the german radio anymore at all, cause we just don't stand it.
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