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Dave Medlo
Dave Medlo
3 Tracks
Dave Medlo's The Medlo's Sonic Pictures is Folk-Rock with a Sonic View.
Living Fast
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Silvia Lake
Peak in sub-genre #81
Forgotten Heroes
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Dave Medlo is the Writer and Creator of "The Medlo's Sonic Pictures". This is the first CD of a series of CD SongBooks that has been Published over the Internet by Dave Medlo.
Band/artist history
I Played the Northern California and Reno Circuit mostly over the last 20 years in a lot of different top 40 and original bands. I've been retired from performing live the last 7 years. I plan on doing gigs on the Internet through video feed-- as soon as I figure it out!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live for 25 years in and around California and Reno Nevada. I loved it. I was playing in this band Called "The Gray Bros. Band" we were playing this place called "The Shanghi Hotel". We had "Slash" from "Guns & Roses" in the Crowd. On break I went and talked to him, he said he wanted to come up and jam- but we weren't loud enough! He was actually pretty sober compared to other time's I've seen him. I got a autograph for my daughter from Him. It's awlways kinda cool when you meet someone famous, especially if it's at a place your playing at!
Your musical influences
My most favorite all time Songwriter is Paul McCartney. My favorite Guitar Players are Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page Steve Morse. My Favorite Piano Players are Rick Wakeman,Yan Hammer,Chic Corea,Jimmy McGriff and others. I Like a mixture of all different styles of music.
What equipment do you use?
I use Steinberg-Cubase recording software using a combination of Midi and Digital Audio. I mix everything down through an external 32channel 8 bus Sound Board. I can't get myself to go 100 percent computer, I like sliders and nobs!
Anything else?
If you download Forgotten heroes, please buy atleast one song to help support the Wounded Veterans. My songs aren't the most perfect or tightest songs you'll hear, but they have a message with vision and passion to them! That's what the "Folk" in FolkRock stands for.
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Stupid (DaBaby x NLE Choppa Type Beat)
El mejor
Lurkin (juicewrld type beat)