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Hardcore rap/hip-hop project which fuses psychedelic synth sounds with breakbeats etc. Blunty re-examines life and spits it out into a mic!
"Blunty wakes up and needs some expression, Blunty wakes up and escapes the oppression, have a session." Welcome to the OFFICIAL SITE OF BLUNTY OJG!!! That's OLD JEWISH GANGSTA!!
Band/artist history
The history of Blunty is the story of my life. I try to keep it real in my music. I'd like to write a proper book, but for now rhyming comes faster and I can work on bits and pieces at a time. I've got to feed my seed, so working solo in the studio is ideal right now, but I'd like to eventually do some collabs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've been playing live for a long time, and I dig it.. I really think freestyle rap competitions are dope, but you gotta show love for everyone. Leave your sh*t up on the stage! I think that sometimes, hip-hop get'ss dissed for not being 'really live', but that's not always the case.
Your musical influences
Even though Blunty is a hip-hop thing, I have influences from just about every genre. When it comes to 'g-funk', gangsta, old school etc, the following names pop up very quickly; Rappin 4 Tay,Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Above the Law, Digital Underground, Luniz, etc, etc, etc. When it comes to 'Old School', I always loved Run DMC. Going way back, I think George Clinton and all the P-Funk family were on to a lot of this stuff in the 70's. I dig Snoop Dogg and find that his delivery and style is, for me about as good as it gets. Wu Tang Clan and the production work of the RZA are other high points for influence. I dig The Luniz, Above The Law, Digital Underground ( and all things Humpty Hump related, and more and more and more) There is a bomb ass crew out of Jerzey that I'm representing for called IDOL MINDZ. Check them out on myspace, by checking out 'my friends'. Just click on the link for 'our other website'. I think Ludacris is a brilliant rapper, and again the top notch production and music just make good rhymes sound even better.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Roland R8 Human Rhythm composer, a Korg Micro Korg synth/vocoder and a lot of vintage 80's synths, like a Korg Poly 800II, etc. Although I mix down onto CD I still use analog tape and an analog signal for my final mixes. Sometimes I use live drums for the beats.
Anything else?
I have stories to tell, and I've been around a long time. I've seen people get busted, die, and get lost in the shuffle. I lived in Holland for 6 years and I got to know and speak the dutchy. I have a lot of feelings about judicial, penal and legal reforms in The U.S., but consider myself a law abiding citizen. We need more activism, because nothing changes without people working together.
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