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Carina Schutz
Carina Schutz
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Still Around
Peak in sub-genre #15
Losing Ground
Peak in sub-genre #13
Band/artist history
Biography Artist Information About Me: Im Carina, a singer/songwriter from Sweden. Ive just started my own company, so that I can work with my music full-time. I just love it! Apart from music, I like to travel, hang out with family and friends, movies, Xbox... When theres time left! But when I got a minute to spare I usually end up by the piano anyway, writing a new song.. I live with my partner Mikael and our twin daughters My & Isabel (3years old) here in Sweden. Biography Ive played the piano since I was 5, Ive been singing as long as I can remember. Ive always been singing on school- and community-events, weddings, infant baptism and funerals. I wrote my first song when I was 12.. and in 1994 I started to write songs/music for my first demo. Inspiration: My inspiration/influences comes from everything and anything that makes me stop, think, or in some way react.. something that touch my heart. It can be a feeling, something from the newspaper, a situation or just one of my own ordinary days! My idols are; Metallica, Bob Seger, Creed and Elton John. Gigs: Im booked for some local appearances this summer. Ive submitted to different festivals both in Sweden and the US, waiting for reply. NOW! and UP-COMING: 2005: * A new recording in Nashville will take place in May. * Ive just recorded three new songs in "radio-quality", Im done with the demos! Ready for the next step.. * Ive been asked from different Record Labels to send my cd! Waiting for feedback. * Ive submitted to some of the music-festivals in Sweden and USA. 2004: * I was one of the "Top Five" in October, in "SongwriterUniverse-Best Song Of The Month" * "Runner Up" in "Song Of The Year". * Im going to record a new demo. Some recordcompanies have asked for more material!! * Ive been on a "Summer-Tour" with a troubadour. And after that Ive had some local-appearance on my own, song & piano (may-sept/2004).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
So far Ive only performed to singback (live song to recorded music) and a few times with a band. I dont have my own yet.. looking for one!
Your musical influences
Metallica, Bob Seger, Creed and Elton John.