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One man band doing songwriting,demos,and just having fun.
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190 songs
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Refin Praise
A little second line rock.
Running my custom wound Zhangbucker PAFs straight through a Yale Reverb.
Holiday Blews
A little late night clambake,'50s Conversion Les Paul and J-Station.
Poor Blues
A cool jumpy minor blues track.
I am a 54 year old guitarist/bassist in the Florida Panhandle area.I have a small home studio like almost every other person on the planet,and I spend my mornings (and sometimes late nights)writing songs and doing demos.I have more equipment than I understand at the moment (LOL),but I'm desiring to learn proper engineering and mixing to use it to it's fullest capacity.I teach guitar for a living,a real blessing! My goal is to be a commercial writer and provide songs for artists to cover.I also do online jams at different forums,and work on instrumental projects for relaxation.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well,I just basically teach right now,and I do some "journeyman" gigs from time to time.It's a blessing to play with different people,guitar or bass.I have been playing both for 43 years,and it doesn't matter which instrument I get called for.Too many special moments to list!
Your musical influences
Gosh.... I like good songwriting,which is why I'm a huge Beatle fan.I also like guitar parts that make a song work,which is why I rate George Harrison very highly...whether soloing or putting a part to a song,it was always what the song needed,extremely tasty. The "songs" on my page are simply online jams that I've done with other people on diffferent forums(mostly blues),and offer me an opportunity to stretch out and be a little selfish! '70s bands like Wishbone Ash,Savoy Brown,Edgar Winter,Johnny Winter,Trapeze (Glenn Hughes,what a voice),Free,and many others (too many to mention).I also have been influenced by funk,fusion,and folk.I'm a big blues fan.I would like thank dear old friends (and great pickers!) James Lott,Steve Surber,and Jim Fuller for their friendship and musicianship over the years!A big influence on me is my good friend Kai Corns (AKA,Uncle Howie)----he plays from his soul and keeps it real.
What equipment do you use?
I have too many guitars to list here---suffice it to say that I use the norm.Les Pauls ,strats,and teles most of the time.I collect a little vintage gear,but for most of my recordings I use a Johnson J-Station for my amp modeler.It does the direct inject thing very nicely.I have two Roland digital recorders,a VS-880,and a VS-1880.Right now the 880 gets the most workout,but that will change. Not much else outside of a Nady compressor and mics by Rode and Marshall.
Anything else?
PS. 33:3......."Play skillfully with a loud noise."
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