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Strictly Nosehairs On Tap
Strictly Nosehairs On Tap
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A loose joining of unlikely members from different countries, backgrounds & levels of sanity (or lack thereof). If it weren't for that tour bus having 4 flat ti
Band Members Igleson Snortworth III - Vocals, guitar, bass & lyrics. Igleson is the main lead vocalist in this band. Steve A. Dore - Guitars, bass, keyboards, recording, mixing. Steve also does percussion, re-percussion, mastering, yapsterizing, yada, yada. Doesn't drive or fix flats. May eventually learn to sing, even. Earplugs are "on the house." Schnoodles Langtail - Slide guitar, vocals, sound effects, percussion. Schnoodles is one of the band members from another species (obviously!). She & Sable are the prettiest & smartest members, by far. Thank God for non-humans! Sable Sabbath - Band manager, possible future keyboard player. Sable Sabbath is a cat who became the manager of the band (there were no humans left who would do the job!). Sable likes simple pleasures, like shrimp & sushi. Since "Sable" is another word for "black", now we could say we are managed by "Black Sabbath(!)". Really cool cat, too. Probably has an I.Q. over 200. Don Campau - Radio D.J. Don is a friendly D.J. who got tricked into giving this band airplay & becoming a project member! So far in this project Don has just been the host of his radio show, "No Pigeonholes", which is aired on KKUP 91.5fm. Try http://www.kkup.com/ on the web. Don is also an underground artist who has been recording a long time, has lots of solo releases & collaborations, plays several instruments- guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, does his own recording, etc. Check him out. He's cool. *Additional Members* Snorfles McKenzie & Donovan O'Snorfley, renegade noses with a pretty nasal attitude (that snot funny!). *Past Members* Snorfleen Wigglebottom - Vocals. Snorfleen was a vocalist in an early line-up of the band, missing in action, went freakin' nuts. Now we'll never do any Edith Bunker covers without her! Snoodler MacGerbil - Accordion. Snoodler was our only accordion player, who died while giving birth (we warned him!), but at least he won't have to go to prison for playing accordion (y'know, that "3 strikes" stuff...). Adolf Moosoline-Knee - "Vocals" (he was a windbag, actually). Adolf was a "vocalist" who took money for singing songs but never did the job. He was last seen in public getting arrested for holding up a dumpster! Somebody should have told him to get his workouts at the gym instead. Juan Valdez - Percussion Juan Valdez (not to be confused with *Exxon Valdez* because he won't ruin anyone's beach!)- A really nice, low-key kind of guy in Mexico who saved us from angry patrons in a bar by saying nice things about us. Seems the re-do of "Cielito Lindo" as "Fageeta On A Flower Tortila" went over like taking a shot of tequila down the wrong pipe with some folks! We offered him a position in the group as percussionist, but he politely declined. So he will be an honorary Nosehair, at least. Oh, yeah, he saved us from the Federales, too (badges? We don't need no steenking badges!).
Band/artist history
A loose joining of unlikely members from different countries, backgrounds & levels of sanity (or lack thereof). "Sanity" is probably the wrong word to use..... If it weren't for that tour bus having 4 flat tires at once, this couldn't have happened! The band officially (offensively?) got started in early 1997 when the tour bus carrying Steven Andre Dore (Steve A. Dore to be brief) & Schnoodles Langtail broke down in Georgia, Atlanta. It is here that Steve & Schnoodles met Igleson Snortworth III, folk artist from, well, hell. Also a native Georgia Atlantean. The examination of the bus showed that it had, in addition to 4 flat tires- a cracked engine block, broken axle, & a hole in the radiator. Some people have all the luck! Steve, Schoodles & Igleson formed the band & played some clubs, but soon got chased out of town to the west coast, "settling" in California. Along the way, there were other band members who didn't last or stay in the line-up, but it's worth mentioning that none of them inhaled someone else's vomit or suffered spontaneous combustion. These seem to be commonly dreaded fates of "extra" band members. Early in 2000 Igleson had a bad finger injury (the "attitude finger"), so Steve & Schnoodles had to tour Europe without Igleson. Schnoodles' unusual adaptation of Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" from his 9th symphony got them run out of Germany by angry mobs. Days later, they performed in Norway. Schnoodles played her version of Grieg's "Hall Of The Mountain King", giving it lyrics & calling it "Hall Of The Mountain Nose". The people of Oslo revolted & packaged Steve & Schnoodles in boxes & shipped them back to the U.S.A. via United Parcel Service. Steve now refuses to play any "cover tunes" live because of a threat that they would be E-mailed back to the states next time instead of being sent in a box. Trying to make a living is sure tough these days... On the track "I Found Religion / S.N.O.T. Wipes!" the interesting & somewhat spooky sounding background sounds are from a recording by Felix Hess, a Dutch mathematician, physicist, sound recording engineer & soundscape artist. The recording is choruses of Bufo Marinus, the giant toad. Really cool sounds from nature. We thank Felix for his permission to include his recording. It's a good thing, too- otherwise I'd probably have to use the background noises from my neighbors & me after we have been eating refried beans for a week! "Sensuous Nosehairs On Tap" -by- Strictly Nosehairs On Tap CAN BE BOUGHT AT C.D. BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/snot You don't even have to leave your computer (how's that for a good reason?!) Please keep buying copies so Steve won't have to get another job in a boiler room! Please! 2001 Strictly Nosehairs On Tap
Have you performed in front of an audience?
S.N.O.T. has performed live anywhere they wouldn't get attacked by pissed-off mobs of people. The live spoken word sessions on Don Campau's radio show were always a blast! -Er, I guess that's actually a *blow-out*.......
Your musical influences
Music Style Folk music from hell, comedy, some rock. Musical Influences Spinal Tap, Weird Al Yankovic, Jello Biafra, Richard Pryor, Negativland, Frank Zappa, Firesign Theatre, Monty Python, Cheech & Chong, Kids in the Hall, etc. Similar Artists Probably don't really sound like anyone else (!), in spite of all the different influences.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, bass, keyboard, electronic drums, voice, electronic effects, nostrils, hairs, nose hair wax, various things.
Anything else?
Press Reviews Banned from Walmart before C.D. was even released! It has to be on Tipper Gore's _hitlist! Keep watching "Weekly World News" for headlines. Dick's Last Resort (a restaurant chain based in Dallas, Tx.) won't play the C.D. on their sound systems because Muzak is much safer! *A Fan Letter* From: Tom Arnold (yes, that Tom Arnold) Date: -- Subject: I put the speaker on my crotch, and it started dribbling a strange fluid. You kill my penis. Well, there you have it! From that particular review it's obvious that S.N.O.T. could not be classified as "Cock Rock" or "Buttrock"!
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