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IYTEHM is the most powerful death/black/doom metal band in the universe. You will be doomed.
Mourn For Dead Baby Doom
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Greetings. We are IYTEHM.
Band/artist history
The entity known as IYTEHM came about in Norway in 1983 when Kirske Tor Daemonus discovered the name of Borgon in an encounter with the spirit realm. This is a fascinating tale in itself: Kirske was able to contact the Old Gods of Norway with the help of notorious outlaw psychic medium, Dëvonê Schlätzburgh. Kirske's conversation with the Old Gods was brief. He was hoping for insight into their disappearance from the lands of Men many centuries ago but, unfortunately, the Old Gods were not pleased by Kirske's intrusion into their eternal slumber and he was able to learn very little. The only information the Old Gods were willing to impart was their disdain for the works of Man and mysteriously the name of Borgon. Needless to say, Kirske was puzzled by this development. Who could this Borgon be? What were The Old Ones trying to say? If it weren’t for the ensuing circumstances that led two like-minded artists to cross paths, these mysteries would have gone unanswered. Kirske had been making an impact on the Performance-art scene with his unsettling and nihilistic poetry. On stage he would recite his bleak verses while his assistants, Ghaskh, Stantz and Fragh, translated his apocalyptic vision into movement. The words were dark, focusing mainly on the futility of the human endeavour and the inevitable dooming of Mankind. Kirske’s assistants reflected this feeling of hopelessness well: often they were known to lie motionless on the floor throughout an entire performance. Meanwhile, Borgon was busy with his own art. He had been developing a powerful hybrid style of “extreme Metal” in his basement “studio”. He took the brutality of “Death Metal” and fused it with the haunting melodies of “Black Metal” while incorporating the bleak atmosphere of the “Doom” genre. Borgon would spend long periods toiling away in his basement lair, shunning the light and forgoing food and sleep, often for weeks at a time. He would emerge dazed and emaciated from malnutrition with tapes of his latest creation. The eventual result was a disquieting collection of sonic assaults, seemingly wrought from the very essence of blackness that resides in the human soul. In the winter of 1983, Borgon ventured forth into the world long enough to attend one of Kirske ‘s performances, which was held in an abandoned cathedral at midnight. Borgon was stunned by what he saw on stage. Slowly dawned on him was the realisation that this is what was missing from his music! When the reading concluded, Borgon rushed to the stage to speak with the Dark Poet. He immediately recognised in this enigmatic being the same force that drove him to create his own stinging rebukes for Mankind. Of course, Kirske was shocked to discover that this visitor’s name indeed was Borgon! Could this be he who the Elder Gods spoke of? Neither party could be entirely sure of this. However, there was no denying that this was more than a chance encounter. The two artists agreed that they must join forces to realise their ultimate vision. They would combine Kirske’s misanthropic poetry with Borgon’s desolate sound scapes and the result would surely be something to rouse even the forlorn skeletons trapped beneath Davey Jones’ Locker!
Your musical influences
We are influenced by the slithering darkness that lurks beneath the peeling veneer of civilization nailed to the face of humanity with the rusty thumbtacks of deciet and shattered hopes.
Anything else?