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hip hop, trip hop, electro, folk, klezmer, rock, alternative, abstract, weird, funky, reggae, dub, acoustic,
At the core of Ghostown is Rael who has been producing, playing, writing and rapping his songs for more than 10 years. His diverse influences which were inflicted on him throughout his childhood such as Brian Eno and Talking Heads, B 52s, moving on to the eastern European gypsy folk of Taraf de haidoukis, had a profound effect on the hip hop he was to create. He started making music with a keyboard at 14, and gradually progressed into sequencers, samplers and drum machines. Always sounding innovative Rael first went in the direction of Bristols Trip hop scene, before gradually speeding up and experimenting with more electro sounds, and breakbeat production. His lyrics have as many influences as his music, often being inspired from what hes reading, such as Iain Banks, Zadie Smith, William Boyd, from science fiction to crime thrillers to old classics. Rael absorbs his surroundings like a sponge, to then rehash this information into the art of rhyme. Rael cites the following artists as inspiring his flow the mellowness of Guru, , the insanity and speed of Busdriver and Busta Rhymes, the innovation and wackiness of Anti pop consortium and Kool Keith, the alternativeness of Delasoul (early), and the Englishness of Tricky and Massive attack In 2003 he moved to Montpellier in France where he looked for other musicians to play live with, he finally found what he was looking for in Kirsa (scratch artist) and Baptiste (guitare). The two made quite an impact on stage making more of an atmosphere for the live set. . Firstly Kirsa, DJ, scratch artist or how he describes himself deck manipulator (dont try this at home) has brought the scratch to Ghostown! (many people had questioned prior to Kirsa why no DJ?), The scratch takes Ghostown into a more Breakbeat style, or even the old classic hip hop sound, but Kirsa also has something more original, he plays his decks like an instrument, creating melodies and rhythms, he also has the musicians ear, and often contributes to arrangements and mixes. Kirsa has been playing for 10 years DJing in clubs by himself and with different collectives (DDC, Prime Time..), aswell as many guest spots. Baptiste has also brought his own flavour to Ghostown, a sensitive musician he tends to find just whats needed to go with Raels compositions, with quiet varied results, from floating haunting melodies, to dub/reggae rhythms, to psychobillly rock riffs. No stranger to the stage, Baptiste played many gigs with his previous Trip hop/nu jazz outfit Process Ghostown have just got through to the last 9 (from 5000) in the DIESEL U MUSIC competition , and as a result are invited to the main event on the 3rd October at the Koko club, London, where they have 1 chance in 3 of playing live (broadcasted on Chanel 4). Again with Diesel the song Johnny Marr(psychokiller) was chosen as the first song in a compilation DIESEL International Music Contest 2007( 20 000 copies distributed in France) Ghostown have played as support bands for Wax Taylor, UHT, Sayag Jazz Machine, Dolphin Boy et Weng Lei.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
France UK
Your musical influences
Tricky's maxinquaye, de la soul is dead, fugees, the score tom waits raindogs, brian eno, talking heads fear of music.the flow of mf doom,guru,busdriver. jazzmatazz, gravediggaz, the rza, madlib, dr dre, mr scruff,
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha Motif (it does everything) PC sonar/cubase/acid/ Numark CD Decks and classics Guitar