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Derwood Bowen
Derwood Bowen
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Hi, I'm Derwood Bowen. I make bizarre songs, but they're purely for your enjoyment. They're backed up by a MIDI keyboard, but on occasion I do a capella stuff, and on other occasions I do instrumental stuff. I'm an all around type of guy.
Band/artist history
It was December 2004 when I bought a keyboard and microphone, and recorded 20 tracks by mid January 2005. It came out really crappy, but I didn't get it packaged or copyrighted until June. I also started this soundclick page to hold extras not planned for CD release, and I also have CD previews on here (Labled by a picture that isn't the soundclick logo). My CD "Weirdos Sing the Darndest Things" is available at cdbaby.com, as well as many popular downloading sites, such as iTunes. 2006 saw the release of "Songs Not About the Sibbie," and 2007 saw the release of my 3rd CD called "That." All 3 CD's are downloadable at iTunes. Anything else that's going to happen hasn't happened yet, and therefore isn't history, and therefore should not be discussed here.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Occasionally. There are those Capital University open-mic nights, and I do perform full-length shows for friends. And I've even got a Con on the Cob performance behind me!
Your musical influences
Comedy people, mostly. Also the artists that did the songs I've parodied.
What equipment do you use?
Creative Prodikeys and a cheap microphone.
Anything else?
Yeah, I got websites. derweezy88.livejournal.com www.myspace.com/derwoodbowen wackywednesdays.livejournal.com