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Bill Spiropoulos
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Suit Sat One (in progress)
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Impossible (demo--instrumental)
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Accumulation 1: 12.26.2010
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WDY Jingle
Show Me (instrumental, in progress)
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Test Pattern (aka Testomatica)
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Head Above Ground
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Freedom Fried
Three Note Odyssey
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This is just my own solo stuff. I do this crap mostly for my own amusement and/or as songwriting/production/arranging exercises. I don't how to categorize myself since I'm liable to try absolutely anything that catches my fancy, from indie-punk to '70s TV theme spoofs to ambient atmospherics. It's all here for you to enjoy, and if you're not careful you might get a headache before it's done, hey hey hey.
Band/artist history
Um...I was born. I was surrounded by records. I taught myself to play guitar and keyboard. I spent countless hours wasting countless miles of cassette tape. I got online. I grew up and joined a series of bands. I typed this paragraph.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Okay, well I've been in three bands so far--all in Columbus, Ohio, almost 600 miles away from my current twenty. Still hoping to get in with some musicians here in NJ and start making some noise again, if anyone's willing to play with a longhaired late-thirtysomething with weird tastes. Also thinking about going the singer-songwriter route, playing open mics, concentrating on writing actual songs.
Your musical influences
My gawrsh...okay, first off I want to say that IMO any musician who can count all his musical influences on one hand is suspect. I also want to relate something I realized not too long ago when I was talking with my gf on a long car trip--other than some rather naive prejudices I picked up from my older brothers when they were snotty teens, I had a unique attitude towards music when I was a little kid. I never paid attention to what kinds of music I, as a pre-teen, was "supposed" to be listening to/digging; I didn't listen to the radio, my world revolved around old records. I had incredibly eclectic musical tastes even when I was just developing them, because in my mind ALL of it was good. Later, when I got into grade school and musical preferences turned into a popularity contest, I didn't particularly like contemporary pop music, with some exceptions, because even then as today I recognized that a lot of it was robotic, synthetic, mass-produced CRAP. I basically loved everything that a 10 year old was NOT supposed to love. That's pretty much been the pattern with me to this day: I have an incredibly broad palette of musical influences and tastes, and I like to think that very little of it has been dictated to me by men in expensive suits. If it's good, I'll probably like it, and bits of it may well make their way into my own music. Anyway, in general I'm most into the whole gamut of music from the '60s and '70s. Oldies, British Invasion, psych, sunshine pop, US garage rock, progressive, old-skool punk. Also love the great old African-American musical forms of the period--soul, Motown (James Jamerson is one of my heroes), old school R&B, funk, blues, jazz, the more funk-based branch of disco. I've found that I like listening to older Jamaican stuff--ska, old school reggae, especially on obscure-label vinyl--although much of the associated sociopolitical content is kinda lost on me. More recently I got into some kinds of modern stuff, some britpop, shoegazer, college rock (Stereolab, Blur, Catherine Wheel, REM, blabla). Improbably, and thanks to YouTube, I've also been intrigued by late '80s-early '90s electronica, ie hardcore, jungle, breakbeat, drums n' bass. Secondary influences include a whole mess of far-flung crap--movie soundtracks, jazz, TV themes, old-time rural string band & bluegrass (thanks Dad!), avant-garde electronic music, Bach... It's more meaningful to talk about the things I DON'T like, in fact: most modern pop, modern R&B, anything with autotune on the vocals, any singer besides Lady Gaga whose sets consist of dancing and costume changes; nearly all post-'70s metal where the emphasis is on headbanging, fistpumping, and pointless guitar wankery; poseur alternative rock, pop punk (Green Day is excused since Billie Joe has proven himself to be a genuinely talented songwriter), modern country (Toby Keith...yeah, I'm talking to you), symphonic disco (with some exceptions, since even that can be kind of fun sometimes). I appreciate the verbal creativity of rap/hip-hop more than I actually enjoy listening to it (I don't).
What equipment do you use?
I ain't techno, but I love to brag about my gear, especially cuz so much of it is cool. Okay, so some of this stuff I haven't had in a while; I did have the distinction of owning them ONCE: GUITARS: Lotus strat copy, Epiphone Les Paul, hacked together Precision Bass copy (Peavey neck). KEYBOARDS: Yamaha YS200 (rest in pieces), Multimoog (in storage), Kawai K3, Hammond M-111/Leslie 247 (sold for rent), Farfisa Compact Duo (in storage). EFFECTS: DOD Supra Distortion, Classic Fuzz (in pieces), Stereo Flanger, Stereo Phaser (in pieces); EH (USA) Little Big Muff Pi; Boss DS1 Distortion; Dunlop Cry Baby; Danelectro Dan-Echo; EH (Russian version) Small Stone phaser; Guyatone TZ2 Fuzz; Vox Distortion Booster (in storage). AMPS: Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube, Laney HC50R (trading it for a pair of studio monitor with former Twiggy bandmate Adam), Kustom K200B head (sold to my brother when I moved). RECORDER: Tascam Portastudio 424 Mk2 four-track cassette. SOFTWARE: Cockos Reaper; Acoustica; a zillion free VST plugins from kvraudio.com
Anything else?
Let's all chant together until we run out of breath or have to go to the bathroom: DIY! DIY! DIY! DIY!
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