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Do Nothing Kings
Do Nothing Kings
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the BEST rock band you can nearly imagin within 40 feet. dnk rocks. deal with it.
Yo Whats up, ho? this is DNK and we feel fine. if you haven't heard of us then your a big dumbface. but lo' there is a cure!!! just find us and listen. we are the ONLY band like us. EVER. SO THERE. who knows, we might even be popular! Check us out at purevolume.com
Band/artist history
The line up used to be much different. dnk-1: (Butter Beats) josh smiley, guitar Jake Bjork, guitar, vocals andrew bussler, bass matt bussler, drums dnk-2: (early dnk) mike harttung, bass, vocals jake bjork, guitar, vocals matt bussler, drums, vocals dnk-3: (pre jon dnk) max phinney, vocals mike harttung, bass, vocals jake bjork, guitar, matt bussler, drums, vocals dnk-4: (current dnk) jon comstock, drums max phinney, vocals mike harttung, bass jake bjork, guitar
Have you performed in front of an audience?
oh yeah!!! we have a regular gig at the ramona skating rink in sister lakes, michigan. we also sprinkle ourselves elsewhere now and again
Your musical influences
i dont know... we try and do our own thing. just stripped down and built back up heavy like. we use rock pop metal ska jazz(fusion) blues punk
What equipment do you use?
max: zoom 505 effect pedal, sure mics and a roland keyboard amp (for those sweet mids) mike: an erny ball 4 string bass through roland guitar head(100 watts)(yes he plays bass) and 4x12+1x15 cabs jon: jon is between sets but is aiming for a gresh buddy rich special jake: a switch vibracel guitar through a marshall orange crush(90 watts 1x12) bi-amped w/ a bearinger something or other(120 watts 2x10)
Anything else?
you know you want a sweet t shirt!!!