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Mickey Grasso
Mickey Grasso
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Plastic Parrot presents one of Mid-America's most talented performers! songwriter/singer Mickey Grasso.
Fallen Heroes
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Christmas on the beach
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Christmas on the beach - Karaoke version
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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my SoundClick page. I sure hope you enjoy your stay here... I know I very much enjoy having the platform available to present my humble offerings to you! Just surfing around this web site has proven to be incredibly inspiring. Sampling all the great work posted here makes a person want to keep striving for success. Special props are due to Maria Daines and Paul Killington. Listening to the masterful material they put out, is largely what has inspired me to get off my duff, and get busy writing again, after a lengthy layoff. I encourage everyone out there to check out their page. I do a couple of their tunes in my live act, and I believe it won't be too long before there's a lot of that going on around the globe! ************************************************* Hey girls! I write many songs that need to be sung by a female, and so my demos on those tunes are not usually too believeable. If there is any female writer who would be interested in swapping vocals on a couple of demos, (you add the female vocal to my song... I'll do a male version of yours) please contact me via message board, or by e-mail at mickgrasso@aol.com. Thanks again everybody! See ya, Mickey Grasso
Band/artist history
Mickey Grasso... is a Songwriter/singer and a Wisconsin native, currently making his home in the Green Bay area. Early years fronting the "Mickey Grasso Show" included stints opening concerts for many artists of the day such as Marty Robbins, Dave Dudley, Rex Allen, Jr., Marvin Rainwater, and Faron Young. (not to mention several shows with Vince Gill... long, funny story. You'll have to contact Mickey and ask!). One of the high points in Mickey's writing career was having a song he co-wrote recorded on Sun Records by Truckin' music legend, Dave Dudley (King of the Road album). As a child of the 60s and 70s, he is conversant with, and adept at performing many types of music. But when writing songs, his first love... country... usually seems to sneak into the mix! Serious recording ambitions were set aside long ago in favor of raising a family with his wife of 25 years, but Mickey continues to write and play on the regional scene as a hobby, creative outlet, and to support a boating habit! Although Mickey has recorded some covers, everything posted here is 100% original. Please enjoy! And, of course, comments are appreciated and encouraged.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I do still perform live in the Midwest region nightclubs, festivals, anything really. I can't imagine not being on stage singing. Too many to mention. I love it when the crowds start with the "Bic salute"!
Your musical influences
My oh my... where to begin? Well, let's narrow it down to the majors. The very first my mother, who turned me on to Hank Williams. Then Elvis took over for a while. As I developed into a songwriter, I found myself most facinated by Kris Kristofferson and Neil Diamond. Now days, Jimmy Buffett keeps creeping in!
Anything else?
Hey! I am a proud parrot head, and I encourage anyone who enjoys the music and philosophy of Jimmy Buffett to join their local chapter of Parrotheads in Paradise! A great organization dedicated to having fun while doing many worthwhile charitable works for the community!
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