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The Mentors
The Mentors
1 Track
Loud Filth, Rape Rock
Suck For Rent
Peak in sub-genre #46
For more than 20 years, The Mentors have been the undisputed kings of offensive rock. Their trademark obscene lyrics and black executioner hoods became a mainstay on the thrash and punk scene. They created a unique style of musical perversion known today as "Rape Rock." Although there have been many imitators and tribute bands, Nobody has quite been able to equal the sheer raunchiness of EL DUCE, SICKIE WIFEBEATER and DR. HEATHEN SCUM. A target of many ultra-conservative morality groups, including Tipper Gore's PMRC in the 80's, They are one of the bands that led to having albums now carry this infamous warning label alerting listeners to offensive content. Sadly, An original Mentors reunion is impossible, as lead singer EL DUCE met an untimely death in 1997. However, bassist Dr. Heathen Scum has carried on the Mentors raperockin' tradition in his new project POPE HEATHEN SCUM and the CHURCH OF EL DUCE, plus an occasional Mentors reunion including guitarist Sickie Wifebeater, drummer Moosedick, and the newest Mentor, second guitarist Sickie Jr. So if you want to learn more about the Mentors and how to get their albums, or even catch them live, click a raperockin' option and continue.
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