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Jeff Reuben
Jeff Reuben
Thanks for stopping by my song page! As time goes by and my voice improves, I hope you're laughing more because of my hilarious lyrics, and less at my voice, but I'll take what I can get! When I'm not recording my own guitar tracks, I get help from other performers, including Flash F. Flash, Dubya, and Rick Duncan. A special thanks to Dr. Bob for helping edit and produce my songs.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
I am a regular (monthly) guest on Automatic Transition, airing 1pm-2pm on Saturdays. Automatic Transition is a radio show hosted by Dr. Bob in Northern Virginia which can be heard on the web here: http://www.fcac.org/webcasting/wc_showinfo.htm Automatic transition features a smooth blend from everything from comedy to ambient to hip hop and always ends with pink floyd. My next appearance will be in early May!
Your musical influences
Comedy writers and singers: Weird Al Yankovic, Cledus T Judd, the writers and performers at Amiright.com, Tom Lehrer
What equipment do you use?
Cubase, Magix Music Maker, a Windows Box and my MacBook Pro, Garageband, and a cup for protection from flying pears.
Anything else?
Check out my websites: Main website: http://www.jeffreuben.com Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jeffreuben for more songs and info.