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Twist O' Fate
Twist O' Fate
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Heavy Meatal / Hard Rock. Any questions?
The naissance of TWIST O FATE is an abiding anecdote in the sense of a group of friends sitting around drinking beer and opting to put together their collective talents. It was never about fame or fortune but all about having fun for the sake of it and not to get blindsided by some of the perils that a lot of contemporary acts covet or get wrapped up in. For the past couple of years the lads have been brewing their own brand of infectious grooves in a little 20 X 20 room, sweating and freezing through natures milieu only augmenting fuel to their sonic fire. In 2005 they entered their recording studio in Phoenix and recorded their full length (Nightmares), which has been well received by fans listening to the sampler from the album. The album is due to be released in March 2006 after mastering has been completed by world-renowned Metal Legend James Murphy. Known as a toiling live act, they pull out all the stops when it comes to attaining a wider fan base and will stop at nothing on their endless quest of eternal perfection. Having shared the stage and holding thier own with greats such as, Flotsum And Jetsam, Fates Warning, Lizzie Borden, Steven Pearcy(Rat), Gilby Clarke(Guns N Roses), Faster Pussycat, Armored Saint, Agent Steele and to many others to count, they have paid thier dues to the music world and earned a great deal of respect along the way in the heavy metal and hard rock scenes. It is in fact thier style of mixing solid hard rock with strait heavy metal that has given them the opurtunity to play with such a large variety of national acts. In a day when metal collides with what the industry shoves down the masses throat TWIST O FATE brave the artic timbre and carry on as true Viking warriors. To pillage, surmount and have fun!
Band/artist history
In the late 90's all the bands in Arizona were playning the same stuff. We decided we wanted to bring back the glory of Heavy Metal, and started out on our quest. We dont really always fall into today's metal genre and often even slip back to good old Rock and Roll, but the diversity that this mixture has brought forth has alowed us to have a much broader fan base, and have a great time too.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES, anywhere we can, Love It, Lots.. To many to list.
Your musical influences
Too many to list.