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It's just me, my guitars, my modelers, my amps, and a PC... oh, and a LOT of coffee!
The Journey
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Rolling Thunder
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In A Daydream
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Behemoth Rising
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On The Boardwalk
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Hello there! Kewlpack is just me, my rig(s) and my PC. :) Hope you enjoy the tunes. If you are into stompboxes, modelers, multiFX or pretty much anything else along those lines, you might enjoy a visit to my latest web project: www.thestompbox.net. There are many demos of various modelers there as well...
Band/artist history
Heh... been into music since the mid 80's. I was a lead singer in a metal band named "Sonic Fury" up in the Colorado area. I only played a little guitar back then, and just by ear as a hobby. Left that scene when I became a Christian and did Tenor/Baritone vocal in a quartet for a while. In 2002 I managed to acquire some guitar gear again. I've been takin' lessons, digging into theory, practicing like crazy, and suffering from G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) ever since. In August of 2005 I launched www.thestompbox.net which is dedicated to being a quality "hub/portal" for this wonderful guitar stuff!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played in a church Praise & Worship (main band and Children's ministry band) for a couple of years or so, as well as weekly improvisational jams. I'd like to get into a regular Christian Music band that does covers and/or originals (even better). Otherwise, I'm noodlin' away at home - discovering what I can - and adding on to www.thestompbox.net.
Your musical influences
Jesus Christ is my main inspiration as I really only want to glorify him through whatever I play. As for "mortal" musician inspiration... Steven Curtis Chapman, FFH, Casting Crowns, Avalon, and Acappella. Old, old blues players..., Satriani, Vai, Walsh, EVH..., symphonies (love strings)..., and I'm really getting into smooth jazz lately.
What equipment do you use?
My gear is constantly in flux... You can check out my stuff at www.thestompbox.net!
Anything else?
Most of the music I've posted here (to date) is simple scratch track ideas and demos of various patches I've created with the GT8. Someday I'll figure out how to put together studio-quality mixes (on a budget!)... Update 8/1/2005: Just got an M-Audio FireWire SOLO Audio Interface and it has made a HUGE difference in the recording quality of the tracks. I'll try to get the tunes re-tracked! I hope that my music will bless you... it isn't amazing or great by any stretch - but it is played from the heart.
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