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garage rock and roll meets alternative punk with ramones, mc5 influences.
2CI is making "garage rock and roll" into a new genre - and we want to be out there fronting it ! We combine a wild stage act with some awesome individual musical performances.
Band/artist history
2CI formed in December 2004 from the key members of garage rock n roll band The Solution. The Solution had a good year in 2004, signing in January to NYC label Dirty Earth Records. The band followed this up by successfully completing 2 European tours and making a name for themselves in their now adopted Sheffield. After separating from guitarist Mark Ashe and bass player Jake Eades, the remaining members wanted to continue the quest for rock n roll stardom, but just needed the right vice. This came in the form of new guitarist, John Reed. The only man who could fit into the bands vision and hard drinking, hard partying regime. This band had their first taste of this when they played their first show together, still as The Solution at Sheffield venue, The Grapes. The aftershow ended 3 days later after continuous drinking, magic mushrooms and basically anything else they could get their hands on, so.... the stage is now set for 2CI, and their quest to take 2005's rock 'n' roll band of the year. Look out people, The new Solution has finally landed.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We gig around Yorkshire - Charters, The Grapes, Boardwalk, Zero in South Yorks and we've toured Europe twice !
Your musical influences
Mohamed Ali, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bobby Gillespie, Sid Vicious, "Believe in yourself and Rock n roll and everything else will sort itself out"
Anything else?
Check out our latest gig news and loads of live pictures at www.2ci.me.uk
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