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Kameltoe and the Bad Habit
Kameltoe and the Bad Habit
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rock, hard rock, heavy metal,80's rock meets modern rock in a nasty head on collision...distortion and loud guitar.a drummer posessed with some sort of drum dev
Kameltoe and the Bad Habit was formed in 2004.Rokk Asher and Ric Plamondon began writing songs together several years ago just for kicks.Years later they met Pete Foreman, the drummer who lived across the street.And lo!!!....Pete did kick ass!Suddenly the band became a real thing.So they began playing shows, and to the suprise of everyone, they were really good!!And the band definitely knows how to have fun!!So it became addictive. Check out this mix that is something like an old school 80's rock band that has slammed headlong into a 90's metal band, that then t-boned a punk band after running the red light.Or maybe you could compare it to a crack crazed monkey bouncing offa the walls of a Burger King in Alhambra, while wearing a size 38DD bra on its ass, and screaming wildy into the order microphone.Something like that anyway.......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every moment on stage is a geat moment.We have had moments in front of thousands of people where we felt like they were all on our side.We can't live without it. So as a result, we play live as often as possible.
Your musical influences
Our influences range from Iron Maiden all the way to Prince.We listen to everything. Ric likes jazz, classical,rock, hard rock,metal,some industrial.Our guitar player, Rokk, listens almost exclusively to country.Our drummer,Pete, listens to whatever he likes."If its got a good beat it's fer pete!"
What equipment do you use?
Amps turned real loud and some things ya bang on.
Anything else?
We want especially to thank our amazingly supportive fans.Without all of you, we would never have gotten this far!We love all of you...and thank you for all your support.
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