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Electro Industial rock hailing from Indy combining hard driving beats, stabbing synths and aggro guitars to create an emotionally charged, yet powerful and aggr
When It All Falls Down
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System Collapsing
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Little Dreams
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***UPDATE*** As of July 2003 NIMBUS will now be known as FORM 30. Check out the new page at http://www.soundclick.com/form30 NIMBUS is an electro-industrial rock band hailing from Indy. They combine hard industrial rhythms, stabbing melodic synth lines, and aggressive guitar. Which gives them an emotionally charged, yet aggresive and powerful sound. "A vision of pain you can dance to."
Band/artist history
Originally formed in 1994 in Terre Haute, Indiana, the band quickly built a following, releasing a self-produced EP, "Cut and Paste". Nimbus played extensively the first two years, headlining the "Smallapalooza" festival at Indiana State University and playing shows at local clubs. Eventually, personality differences began to become evident, and lead to the departure of founding member Von Stultz. With Von's departure, the band's activity dwindled. In 1999, Singer Amy Fender was added, and Nimbus began to play out again. The band was now based in Indianapolis, and played shows at clubs in the area. Eventually, Amy left for personal reasons. Following her departure, Jason decided to take over the singing himself. In 2000 and 2001, keyboard player Michael Tanger was added. Nimbus performed with such notable acts as Attrition, The Last Dance, and local rock heroes Acid Green. The majority of 2001 saw a lapse in public performance while Jason secluded himself in the studio, mixing and recording the tracks which were to become the full-length release "Threshold". During these sessions, it became apparent that a bass player was needed, and Jason brought in local scenester David A. In January of 2002, the album was self-released, and Nimbus played at Radio Radio, joined by Chicago's Cruciform Injection. Through the line-up changes and adversity, Singer and song writer Jason Milner has been the driving force behind the band's creation and continued activity. The sound of Nimbus has evolved and changed, but the vision remains. The remainder of 2002 saw them sharing te stage with such noteable act as URN, Diva Destruction, Slick Idiot (featuring former members of KMFDM) and OOZE (former members of Bile). Plus they have received ever growing popularity on dance floors throughout the Midwest and beyond at some of the biggest goth/indstrial clubs. The current line-up features Jason on vocals, guitar, keys and programming, David A on bass, Jamie Vitro on guitar, and Brad Milner on drums.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Right now all over the midwest and surrounding areas.
Your musical influences
Our diverse musical influences include bands such as Ministry, Front 242, Razed In Black, Cobalt 60, and Nine Inch Nails. We also embrace the best of eclectic acts such as Tori Amos, Prince, Depeche Mode and New Order. While these bands have influenced our collective vision, we strive to create a sound that is unique and compelling.
What equipment do you use?
Anoher question for J.
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