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Chocolate Zulu
Chocolate Zulu
16 Tracks
It's a three-man Mardi-Gras. Come get a slice.
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Electrocube - by Chocolate Zulu
Chocolate Zulu is trying to make a dent in the world of music with a style that defies what is popular & a singer who redefines singing. With music that has been compared to the Beatles & Julian Cope & a singer who has been compared with Bob Dylan & other unmentionable, bad singers, Chocolate Zulu carves its sound into your soul & eardrums with catchy songs about trouble in relationships, daily frustrations, physical handicaps & drugs. At times funny, at other times morbid, this group is still evolving & has yet to be what it will become, whatever that may be.
Band/artist history
Munro says, "Chocolate Zulu came together in September of 2004. Jay & I go way back, like 20 years almost. We've always been about playing music. Dave & Jay just met, when we put this band together. I've known Dave for a few years. At first we were going to recruit other members, like Jimmy. We went out as a band for the first time when we met with Jimmy in his haunt, the gay karaoke bar in L.A. Jimmy was going to sing & play another drum."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Just ask us, we'll be happy to play. We've been trying to hook up gigs at local bars & coffee houses; local being the San Gabriel Valley. But we're willing to travel. None of us has any obligations that would keep us around, I don't think. I mean, I have a regular job, but if the band were to take off I'd ditch that in a second.
Your musical influences
Each other. We'll invariably be lumped in with other groups that we aren't associated with or influenced by, but that's okay too. We're always trying new things.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic guitar, Electromatic bass guitar, cheap little hand drum. But listen to what we do with it.
Anything else?
We love playing our music. More than anything we all get a thrill from playing live. Just give us a date & we'll be there. We're not loud, we're not profane, we're just a good time with good music for all!
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