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Hard-hitting folk, rock, jazz and punk influenced acoustic music from the front-lines of the class war and the struggle for social justice, equity and direct de
is an artist-owned-and-run collective of radical songwriters and musicians who are making folk a threat again! We are: - folked up jazzy riot-folk fury from st. louis! - agressive folk from the front lines outta boston - throws down. insanely eloquent in-your-face folk-punk from CT. - phenomenal songs of uprising, resistance and revolution originally from Baltimore - ethereal poetical and political songs from San Fransisco - hard-hitting and earthy radical folk from Maine & Oregon - old-timey and refreshingly clever anarchist folk from NYC We seek to operate as a collective in a manner that is in-keeping with our analysis of the world and adhering to the principles of anti-oppression, resistance and liberation, mutual aid, direct democracy, community and struggle. We support the struggles of all those who have been oppressed against their oppressors: oppressed genders, races, classes, the indigenous, and the earth itself. We seek to make partnerships of mutual aid with other radical groups to help spread the music and the message of the movement. We don't just write about the movement, we're part of it!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our artists have played with the likes of Tom Morello, Anti-Flag, Against Me!, Billy Bragg, This Bike is a Pipebomb, Charlie King, David Rovics, and Leftover Crack. We love playing at protests, benefits, house shows, infoshops, or wherever!
Your musical influences
Our influences are from all over the place. Musically we range from jazzy to celtic, classical to punk. Politically we draw off the tradition of radical folk-music, labor songs, and other songs of struggle. Some good names to mention might be: Phil Ochs, Ani DiFranco, Crass, Defiance Ohio, Peggy Seeger, Aus Rotten, Paul Simon, Tsunami Bomb, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, The Who, The Clash, Ghost Mice, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, Charlie King, Pamela Means, David Rovics, Pat Humphries, Joe Hill, Against Me!, Jim Page, The Pinkerton Thugs, The Coup, Spearhead, Saul Williams, Billy Bragg, Joan Baez, Desert Rat, Jefferson Airplane, Erik Petersen, Tom Paxton, Country Joe McDonald, and so many more. Riotfolk is playfully dangerous and lovingly militant. It is whispered threats and screamed words of love.
What equipment do you use?
beat-up old guitars. less beat-up new guitars. banjos. harmonicas. sometimes drums. violins. cellos. bass now and then. loud voices. also: gas-masks, monkey-wrenches, night-vision goggles, walkie-talkies, LAW, wire-cutters, grappling hooks, bandanas, molotov cocktails, our hearts and fists.
Anything else?
Important websites: RIOT-FOLK! ARTISTS: (www.riotfolk.org) Anna Roland - www.annaroland.com Evan Greer - www.evangreer.com Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman- www.riotfolk.org/ethan Ryan Harvey - www.ryanharvey.cjb.net Tom Frampton - www.riotfolk.org/tom Haymarket - www.riotfolk.org/haymarket Brenna Sahatjian - www.riotfolk.org/brenna Mark Gunnery - www.riotfolk.org/mark OTHER IMPORTANT SITES: www.counter-inaugural.org www.anarchistresistance.org (protest the Inauguration!) www.peoplesmusic.org www.indymedia.org www.mozilla.org (free open-source web browser!) www.crimethinc.com www.dontjustvote.com www.info-shop.org www.protest.net www.stopftaa.org www.earthfirst.org www.iww.org www.wikipedia.org www.fistolo.com www.plan-it-x.com www.blackteasociety.org www.everreviledrecords.com www.ilwu.org OTHER ARTISTS: Defiance, Ohio - http://defianceohio.terrorware.com Erik Petersen - www.fistolo.com Emma's Revolution - www.pathumphries.com Pamela Means - www.pamelameans.com Charlie King - www.charlieking.org Counterfeit Matt - www.counterfeitmatt.cjb.net
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