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German Bense
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German Benses songs of Bossa Nova. Include a link for his song lyrics, chords and melodies, and piano sheet music for free.
Passeio Astral
Today #63 in Bossa Nova subgenre
Desafinados como eu
Peak position #1
What kind of love
Peak position #58
Olhando a cruz do sul
Peak position #12
Serenata pra ninguem
Peak position #8
Mulher estrela do mar
Peak position #4
Between the sand and the sea
Peak position #66
Peak position #23
Rosto de menina, rosto de mulher
Peak position #4
Um sonho por cumprir (A dream that to fullfil)
Peak position #2
Love song in vain
Peak in sub-genre #87
The dark side of my sun
Peak position #8
O Talismao
Peak position #8
Peak position #12
Herois rabo de palha
Peak position #16
Our silent world
Peak position #8
Perto do horizonte
Peak position #32
Passeio Astral
Band/artist history
GERMAN BENSE'S DOSSIER 1963 - German Bense was born in Montevideo, Uruguay 1977 - Begun piano and theory studies at the "Instituto K?lischer" (until 1979). 1979 - Begun guitar and bass studies at the "Centro Musical Moderno" with the master Juan Lamas. Performs as guitarist in a bossa nova band that won the Uruguayan TV Conquest "Estudiantina". 1981 - Performs in a dixieland band called "Luisiana Jazz Band". 1982 - Begun his professional musician career performing guitar and bass guitar in Montevideo's night clubs. Wrote his first own songs that year. 1983 - Performs in a brazilian music band called "Turbilhao" that play the whole year in differents Montevideo's night clubs. 1984 - Won the "Revelation Award" in the "Festival de La Paz", Canelones, Uruguay (Uruguayan Popular Music). 1985 - Begun an ininterrupted activity at differents Montevideo's clubs (until 1995). The highlighted appareances of that period are the followings: -Guitarist, bassist and singer at "Clave de Fu", a legendary Montevideo's brazilian music night club. Integrates the "Fernado Torrado trio" (Clave de Fu owner) and co-write many songs with him (songs that are included in the Fernando Torrado's discography) -1986: Bass guitarist and arranger of the Mario "Chichito" Cabral band, mythical Uruguayan percussonist and composer. -Between 1992 and 1995 share with the Uruguayan singer Liese Lange a duo called "Bossa Nostra", since today remembered as a Montevideo music classic. 1989 - Record and publish his first album, "Despues de todo", shared with the songwriter Jorge Alastra (Perro Andaluz Records). 1990 - Record and publish his second album called "Quimera" (Perro Andaluz Records). 1991 - Make a gigs series in wich he invites to share the scene others songwriters of his generation. They are: Claudio Taddei and Rossana Taddei, Jorge Alastra, Liese Lange and Jorge Drexler (who 14 years later won the "Oscar Award") 1995 - Stop his musician professional activity for personal resons until the year 2000. 2000 - Inagurtes his first Internet music site at "mp3.com" 2001 - Record and publish his 3rd album (his first whole bossa nova album) called "Opus Bossa Nova" (Mp3.com Records). 2002 - Record and publish a new bossa nova album called "Desafinados como eu" (Mp3.com Records). December 2002: his songs "Barco sin puerto" and "A dream that to fullfil" reach the ..1 in the mp3.com bossa nova and jazz charts. Return to the live performances in Uruguay. 2004 - His song "Desafinados como Eu" is included in the music band of the film "Falling", by the New York independent Producer and Director Clayton Allys. 2005 - Record and Publish his new bossa nova CD "Love Song in Vain" (Perro Andaluz Records). 2006: German Bense is invited to participate in the "2do Encuentro de Bossanovaenargentina" (unique event of these characteristics in the world made in Buenos Aires, Argentina), sharing the scene with Argentinian and Brazilian musicians and composers. He performs on 9 of April of 2006. 2007 - In July German Bense presents his show again in Buenos Aires, in the "Club Lounge Buenos Aires" and in the "Centro Cultural del Sur", as part of the "3er Encuentro de Bossa Nova en Argentina". Also in this year, the Bense's song "The lack of love" is included in the soundtrack of the film "Butterfiles in the wind", by the US independent producer and director Vic Alexander. The premiere of that film was on September 29 in the "Ava Gardner Film Festival", Smithfield, North Carolina. In December 2007 Bense participates in the 3rd edition of the "Festival Internacional Mardelbossa" (Mar del Plata, Argentina), in where he shares the scene with outstanding Argentinian and Brazilian musicians. 2008 - The Venezuelan singer Indira Brice?o record his old song "Barco sin puerto" In September 2008 the artist perform in the ?1ro Festival de Musica Popular Brasile?a de Montevideo?, and in October of the same year performs in the ?IV Festival de Bossa Nova en Argentina?, Buenos Aires. In Dezember 2008 German Bense do his first and historic live convert trough Internet in his channel BOSSANOVALIVE 2009 represents a pivotal year in German Bense's career. In July, the composer performed with great success his first ARTISTIC TOUR IN BRAZIL, featuring his own bossa nova compositions for the first time in Rio de Janeiro. In October he performs again in Buenos Aires, in the "V Festival de Bossa Nova en Argentina". And throughout 2009, Bense continues his live online concert series through Internet ( WWW.JUSTIN.TV/BOSSANOVALIVE ).A pioneer in this kind of disclosure, Bense consolidates in this unprecedented and direct way, an adept public from all over the world where bossa nova is liked, achieving in this way, "to entry" the house of his own audience weekly
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Now I'm performing in the Uruguayan stage. However, after the launching of my new CD, (May June 2005), I would like to present it in the international stage and make shows in other countries.
Your musical influences
Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Djavan, Caetano Velosos, Joao Bosco, Chico Buarque
Anything else?
Basically I'm a composer and I love that other fellows musicians play and sing my music. For this reason I facilitate this including the lyrics and chords of my songs in my site http://www.bensebossanova.com This stuff is aviable for guitar. for piano and in "real book" format. The last thing. Right now I'm recording a new CD. In the same site listed above, you can visit the bakstage.
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