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Here Cota tirelessly plays rapid-fire grooves,rivaling even the most vigorous loop with his tight drums tones,
TO HAVE AND TO HAVE/ Bright Eyed Kids
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BLUE LIKE YOU /extempore / KOBOL
soulsong by KOBOL little darla has a treat for you
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Organization Lane - DREAM COMET soon 06'
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is one of the most baddest, progressive and energetic drummers in Los Angeles..,Respect Seen! by Bryan Lint-05'
Band/artist history
: ARGEL '' COTA. Originally from , Arhkota is considered to be one of the most vibrant and versatile drummers in the Latin Alternative scene in Southern California and gaining respect in many parts of Latin America. His professional career began at the age of 16. His first professionally recorded project was in 1998 with (Nimboestatic/Static) a band which fused a lot of styles such as rock jazz ambient-electro pop. The album was followed by a nationwide tour of Mexico and several shows in many well known venues in the United States. Arhkota's unique style and deep appreciation of music was initially influenced by listening to Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Bill Bruford, David Sylvian, Bel Canto, Chick Korea and Pat Metheny,Miles Davids,Weather Report. Now Arhkota's attention gears towards newer sounds like IDM, drum-n-bass, glitch, jungle, 2-step, electro, break beats and trip hop. For the past 5 years Arhkotas main project has been (Family Tree/Kajmere Records). Niño Astronautas sound is fresh with hints of nu-jazz, drum'n bass, breakbeats, 2-step, rock, funk and tons of groove. Their live performance consists of live drums, live bass, and a laptop. With his individual style and tireless performance, Arhkota provides the power to the 3 piece ensemble. Each show leaves new and devoted Niño Astronauta fans in awe. Niño Astronauta won the L.B.E music award as best live performance in 2002. In late 2004, Tijuana based independent record label, Nimboestatic/Static agreed to release Niño Astronautas debut CD. By early 2004 Niño Astronautas CD was distributed in all major stores throughout Mexico, and it continues to sell at an impressive rate for an independent project. Notable reviews have been written about Niño Astronautas debut CD, like Marie Claire,Sonika,El Universal,Playboy MX,El Heraldo,Ella,Drum,La Jornada,Eres,Celeste.,..receiving 3.5 stars from the predominately conventional famous rock magazine, The Rolling Stone: Mexico. Their U.S. debut CD 2005, was recently released under Trevor Baade's Family Tree Recordings & Marc Cesarec's Full Circle Media and distributed worldwide by Kajmere Sound Distribution, the EP was also released which includes the single San Fernando Road, and remixes by John Tejada and Terrestre/Murcof, (former member of the Nortec Collective) and a new exclusive track "Arizona". Arhkotas secondary project is a duo project named . In Kobol, Arhkota creates music that sounds utterly unique with a mixture of natural low tempo beats, freestyle DSP jams, sly acoustic impressions with jazzy and dubby vibes.Notable reviews have been written about Kobol worldwide 2005. Arhkota is also a recurring musician for other bands, such as (a former member of the (palm pictures) Plantonkmans clever mixture of Mexican traditional folk sounds with jazz riffs quickly became one of his signature sounds. He has worked for Kronos Quartet, Gustavo Santaolalla; and has also made some tracks for Honda, Nike, and Dell and has played at festivals like Coachella, Mutek, LAMC, Summer Stage NY, CMJ, SXSW and Tecnogeist. Arhkota also played with the Argentine Electro-Pop-Tango band (sonic 360), which won the Award of L.B.E Best Resident Band in Los Angeles 2004. He recorded drums for the music of the 'New Honda Civic Evolution' 04' tv comercial. Besides that, he also recorded drums for 's track "Papa Knows" placed on the hit show The Shield on Fox 04. The song Gran Hero by Niño Astronauta, was selected by the extreme sports T.V. show Adrenalina, broadcast by Mun2 and Telemundo Internacional,the most viewed Hispanic networks in the USA and Latin America, 21 countri Arhkota is a member of and member of . At the moment,Arhkota is focused on Niño Astronauta,Kobol,Dream Comet,Voz Elemental,Castano,Chana and Arhkota with live shows and recording new stuff, which has continually played at well known venues throughout the L.A. area, including Avalon, Key Club, Roxy, Whisky-A-Go-Go, Conga Room, California Plaza,'El Rey', Universal Amphitheater', among others. Recently they have been invited and well received at various music conferences/festivals including Latin Alternative Music Conference, Interface Festival in México, South by Southwest, Baja Prog Jazz Festival,Coachella Festival, Radio Global Festival, and the Northalsted Festival in Chicago, with more in the works. .. !!! During his musical career, he has worked as a sessionist for several artists.Nowadays he is part of the bands Nino astronauta, kobol and dream comet. The firts two have released their debut albums under the labels staticdiscos/family tree records and have been distributed by kajmere Sound distribution.. After 18 years of working as a drummer, Arhkota decides to begin a solo project, gathering more than 20 artists to collaborate on his album, where besides writing and playing different instruments, he produces all the tracks. The concept of his album is to take the music to a deeper level, creating a melancholic ambien with jazzy improvisations, long notes and solid acoustic beats. NEWs !!! ARHKOTA Stuff 2006 to 2007 : ARHKOTA has recorded together with Jimmy Johnson (bassist) 6 pieces for the original music score of the indie film 'THE AIR I BREATHE' -Post-production 2007 - The cast includes actors such as: Kevin Bacon,Andy Garcia,Julie Delpy,Forest Whitaker,Brendan Fraser,John Cho,Cecilia Suárez and more !!! Directed by JIEHO LEE in IGLOO MUSIC - nov/27/06 - finished! more info soon!! ARHKOTA and NASHIO From KOBOL and are currently recording their second album.This time they will have two special guest singers: EMMA EJWERTZ,XIMENA SARIÑANA and JAZMIN MARISCAL which will give a more sophisticated sound to their music.. The album will also include remixes by Kobol of: Fax, Kampion, Stateshirt, Murcof, and Pepito. The album is being recorded in BLUEPLANT STUDIOS and it will be edited in Scarboro Studios by PLANKTON MAN,in Los Angeles, Ca. 2007 Recording with KOBOL for FAX Rmix"SOULSONG" for (darla) compilation (usa) finished! Recording NIÑO ASTRONAUTA and new CD (familytree) (usa) 2007 Recording with KOBOL new song "PARAGON" for (filtro) compilation (mx) done! 2007 KOBOL Remixing STATE SHIRT (Family tree) (usa) finished! KOBOL Remixing PEPITO (Static Discos) 2007 Recording ARHKOTA Album debut.! recording new song for ANTROBOT (tij-mx) done! 2007 recording grooves for MURCOF+TERRESTRE and (static/leaf) finished! recording grooves for CHILDS (Static Discos) finished! ARHKOTA rhythms used by FAX (Level Records and Static Discos) for "Primario" Album -done! Finish w/ DREAM COMET Album "LUCKY 7"(solo music) (usa)-finished! ARHKOTA + CC Producing & Processing to LOUBNA MAHER for DREAM COMET 2007 Recording w/ ERIKA for his solo Album (ens/mexico) finished! Recording for NACO TV for FOX channel + NATIONAL GEOGRAPHYC Channel, Music by Plankton Man finished. ARHKOTA recording w/ a rock pop band ZUR from Argentina/cuba producing by: GUILLERMO PASCUAL -nov/19-20-06 finished ! Arh recording for the new CASTAÑO country album, producing by:DALE LAWTON april-2007 Arh recording new song for PERDUTTO -jan-07 - ARHKOTA recording w/ STATESHIRT jan-2007 ARHKOTA TBD w/ ARDNAXELA new single - march-07 ARHKOTA recording drums for DJ UNIEK - jan-08-2007 and Facundo Monty (peer music)
What equipment do you use?
Pearl.. 1-BassDrum 22"or 24" 1-Pedal yamaha 3-Snare Drums:small snare 10"and main snare 14 1-floorTom 16" 1-firstTom 10" 1-HiHat Stand 1-Snare Drum Stand 5-Cymbals Stands 5-*Cymbals paiste and zildjian K 1-*crash16"/40cm. 1-*ride crash18"/40cm. 1-*ride22"or 20(sabian paragon) 1-*china6"/40cm. 1-*splash 8"/20cm. 1-Pair Hi-Hat 13" K 1-hi-hat 8" 1-Drum Fill(monitor)8 mixes 3-Snare Drumheads setup(Evans)12",14" 2-Tom Drumheads setup(Remowater king pinstripe)tom12"-andfloor tom 16" 1-BassDrumheadsetup(Aquarianfloating-muffing-rigg-superkick-3)24"or 22" 2-Headphones- Metrophones-lcd 1-Personal Monitor-Amplifier-Stereo(Rolls")- -Platform(raiser)16x16(solid) 2-SandBags
Anything else?
Check more Arhkota LINKS!- www.staticdiscos.com www.brighteyedkidsmusic.com www.myspace.com/arhkota
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