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Laura Dillon
Laura Dillon
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It's just me, myself, and I! A band would be nice.... but I could be a single artist too... wherever God leads I guess:)
Who can stand before his indignation?
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How Can We Thank You Father?
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Don't Believe in the World
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I Just Can't See (Also called Not Worthy)
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Hi! My name is Laura Dillon. I'm a singer/songwriter in Tucson, Arizona looking for ears who will listen to the message that I have to share. Most of my songs are centered on Jesus Christ and the Word of God. My goal is to touch people's lives and bless them with the message that God has given me to share. Right now I'm looking for ways to get there, but being a full time college student time and money is tight. But regardless of circumstances, I trust that God will help me and lead me and that His Will will be done!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope. Right now I am just writing songs and looking for artists in my area. I sing my songs acapella when I get the chance at open mic events and such, but my songs are in need of some music before I can do much else with them. I haven't had very much success finding artists. I have a very unique style and see myself as more of a solo artist.
Your musical influences
When I was first starting to make my own songs I wanted something that no one else had, something totally mine. So I'd have to say that I was influenced to be unique and unlike other artists. I've been compared to Evanescance, Enya, Loreena McKennit, Shakira, and a few Christian vocalists. I'd have to say that more recently I've been influenced by more and more Christian Rock bands in general. I never thought I'd start writing and singing rock songs! It's great! I'm trying to take in all different styles and adding a little of that spice that I like into my music to add some diversity. DC Talk is my favorite band and has had some influence in what I write. I like their direct approach, their double-edged lyrics, and the diverse stylistic music. I just love the mix of vocalists and the words are what really get me. I'm all about the lyrics. There's a lot of great music out there, but I want to create songs that have so much depth and meaning that they will be timeless. I want to say the things that no one else will say and just be bold. Song is really the expression of my soul, a true reflection of who I am, and I want to share that.
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