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Blood Tsunami
Blood Tsunami
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B L O O D T S U N A M I Thrash metal from Oslo, Norway.
Band/artist history
BLOOD TSUNAMI, THRASH METAL FROM OSLO, NORWAY! (Ex-members from Emperor & Hellride) BLOOD TSUNAMI MEMBERS: (Left to right on the photo) Pete Evil - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals Bosse - Bass & backing Vocals Faust - Drums Dor Amazon - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO BLOOD TSUNAMI: Blood Tsunami formed in 2004. Guitarist and vocalist Pete Evil hooked up with Jay on drums and began to arrange and rehearse some metalriffs he had written, but never used during his years in the rock n roll/punk band called Hellride. The music of Blood Tsunami was, and still is, nothing but vicious and aggressive old school thrash metal, heavily influenced by early Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Metallica, Destruction and Kreator. Soon Riff Randall joined on bass and Dor stepped in on the second guitar. Shortly after they recorded their first demo and on august the 24th they performed their first show. This carnage took place at Last Train, a small rock n roll bar downtown in Oslo, and Blood Tsunami played support for the mighty Swedish death metal legends Entombed. After a while Riff Randall decided to leave the band and was quickly replaced by Bosse who used to play bass with Pete in Hellride. The band continued to play live and got to play support for another legendary band, namely Deicide from Florida USA. This happened at John Dee in Oslo on 22nd of October 2004. Not many months later Jay also decided to drop out of the band to focus on his work as a graphic designer. Determinded to get Blood Tsunami back on track, Pete soon called up Faust (Scum, Aborym, ex- Emperor) and asked him to join the band. Faust liked what he heard and agreed to give it a try. Today he is the fulltime skinbeater of Blood Tsunami. With a new line up the band hit Lion Heart Studios and during three days in July 2005 they recorded another demo. The outcome of this session is what you hear here. IF YOU WANT BLOOD ... YOU'VE GOT IT!
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Your musical influences
Major influences are 80's stuff by Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Exodus, Testament and Metallica.
Anything else?
UPCOMING TSUNAMI DISASTERS & PREVIOUS DAMAGE DONE! 10 Dec 2005 - Garage - Oslo - Norway - w/ Ragnarok 03 Dec 2005 - John Dee - Oslo - Norway - w/ Gothminister & Zenzor 17 Nov 2005 - Garage - Oslo - Norway - w/ Purified In Blood 12 Nov 2005 - Musikkflekken - Sandvika - Norway - w/ She Said Destroy 27 Oct 2005 - Last Train - Oslo - Norway - w/ Audiopain 30 Sep 2005 - Arno - Notodden - Norway - w/ Mindgrinder 29 Sep 2005 - Kaos - Tromsø - Norway - w/ Slogstorm 12 Sep 2005 - Elm Street - Oslo - Norway - w/ Forgery 30 May 2005 - Union Scene - Drammen - Norway - w/ Dead Sheriff 16 Apr 2005 - Bingon - Lillehammer - Norway - w/ Dead Sheriff 06 Dec 2004 - Rock In - Oslo - Norway - w/ Slogstorm 24 Okt 2004 - Gloria Flames - Oslo - Norway - w/ Die Die Die 22 Okt 2004 - John Dee - Oslo - Norway - w/ Deicide (US) 01 Sep 2004 - Betong - Oslo - Norway - w/ Dead Trooper 24 Aug 2004 - Last Train - Oslo - Norway - w/ Entombed (S)
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