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Dark ethereal vocals; spoken word, distorted, aggression, intelligent weird noise, beard destructive, creative, industrial fairy songs of death and laughter, cy
DisinVectant , representing the Birmingham UK underground. From the industrial city, mechanical rhythms, spit, beats, noise, aggression and bullshit
Band/artist history
DisinVectant have been involved in various facets of the music scene for over ten years, their collaboration beginning in 2002 when they set up club DiaboliquE, Birminghams principle forum for experimental music. DiaboliquE saw them working with such luminaries as Smash and Teeny (Sarah Peebles and Nilan Perera), Volcano The Bear, RandomNumber, Jowonio Productions, Brian Duffys Modified Toy Orchestra and Frank Cougar. Always fiercely independent, both club DiaboliquE, 3 pin recordings and DisinVectant have been producing their own events, videos, music , artwork, and always retaining complete control over their musical and artistic direction and imagery Having performed previously under various guises, DisinVectant became the lynchpin of the umbrella organisation 3 pin recordings, an avenue for them to vent their unique vision of experimental, aggressive yet spiritual, darkly humurous and often psychotic art. DisinVectant: Drums, Keys, Bass, Metal, Junk, Electronics, Synth, etc...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Birmingham, in the past under the club DiaboliquE banner; venues including the Rainbow and Custard Factory and also In Europe and around the world and anywhere else required, space maybe...? (contact us for any bookings)
Your musical influences
Factories, fields, Spaghetti Junction,Spectre, Negativland, Cassetteboy, Kool keith, Muddy Waters ,1990's Pirate stations, Electricity, WordSound, Dub, Irdial, The Black Dog, West coast/Left coast hip hop and many more...
What equipment do you use?
hardward , software, many key boards and pieces of crap, SK-1, Minidisc, drums, modified electronic toys, pieces of metal, electricity pylons and power stations.
Anything else?
We are now on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/disinvectant
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