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XPeri-Mental Ambient * Reggae * Trance * Chillout and uprising Beats for Heart and Soul *-* Explore the World of alionsonny --- more at http://www.alionsonny.co
Flying Dutchman Dub (2012 Version)
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Pharao Dub (2012 Version)
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Walking Dub (2012 Version)
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More than 2 sides - Reggae (feat. Colin Mutchler
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alionsonny is a one man music project from Hamburg / Germany. All started in 2004, when I discovered the new possibilities of digital music production. I have been a musician since the age of 14 with a rather long break from 1990 to 2003. 2004 I decided to make music again and released my first songs at versionist.com. Many positive reviews and mails encouraged me to step further and the project alionsonny was born. In November 2004 I released my first album "Xperimental Reggae WorX". A second album is in production.
Band/artist history
At the age of 7 my dad bought me a cheap 60$ guitar and that was how everything started. I sat in front of my small blue radio and tried to jam with the songs. The song I remind most is "Touch too much" by AC/DC which was played very often in these days. Hehe, I think you can imagine how it sounded when I was trying to imitate the sound of the e-guitars of AC/DC using a cheap nylonstring guitar ;o) I learned very quick and at the age of 10 I bought myself a cheap electric guitar and an amplifier using the money from my job delivering newspapers. I learned to play solo guitar and that was the time, when I met some strange guys with very colorfull hair and leather outfit at school. When I told them that I play guitar, they were interested in listening to me playing, because they had several problems with their current guitarist. They liked what I did and so I joined my first band, a punk band called CFF (Call for Freedom). We did some gig in punkrock clubs in the next city called Kassel. Yeah several times I was brought home by the cops, because I was 14 at this time, and because of this not allowed to perform in clubs at night. My family moved to the north of germany, where I founded a experimental punk band called "The X-Rays". We did crazy experiments, using trashed synthesizers, parts from the junkyard, garbage can and other stuff cabeled them... all was some kind of weird. To make it a bit shorter: I played in several bandsafter that, learned to play keyboards, bass and drums.... no time to write further... stay tuned... to be continued...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently I do not play live because of a lack of opportunities. Since I performed only non digital music in the past in a live-situation, I have no live-experience with my current equipment. I forgot to tell: all of the alionsonny-tracks are produced on a software-only-equipment.
Your musical influences
Influences... let me think... many names and sounds are floating through my brain, when I think about that question. First in line I think is Pink Floyd. Yes, their music gave me a hint what sound can be about. I heard much folk-music from allmost every place on earth. since my family comes originally from ireland I have surely many influences from this side. But other musicians were a great inspiration in the past years: Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan, Bill Laswell, Klaus Schulze, Prodigy, Ska P, Soul Captain Band, Hedningarna, Garmarna, Corvus Corax, Zen Cafe, YUP, Hans Soellner, Haindling, Jacob Miller, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Weird Al Yankowich... ok, stop here, this is enough...
What equipment do you use?
A whole bunch of VST-Instruments and Effects.
Anything else?
my voice, my imagination, creativity, chaos, musical accidents and much more of this.
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Lil Peep Type beat