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scarlet tears
scarlet tears
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Dark rock, romantic, Philippine band. The band's music elaborates the dark side of love and lust and the melancholic state of being bitter and scorned by the wo
Cold Blooded Lover
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adele walking with drunken vox... haha!
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ScarleTTearS UPDATE: Dec2005: This account was made during the early stages of the band. We have moved to a new site: scarlettears.tk or http://www.eccentrix.com/members/scarlettears/index.htm ScarleTTearS was conceptualized around November of 2003. A rag tag bunch of able musicians started to flesh out the band's music in early 2004 up to the band's first performance on October 30, 2004. The band's music elaborates the dark side of love and lust and the melancholic state of being bitter and scorned by the world of shallow love and destructive lies. Marvin Abordo - Electric and acoustic guitar Ruel Sotto - Drums Aldwin Santos - Bass guitar Katrina Pallon - Voice Samuel Vigilia - Keyboard synthesizer Our play list: 1. Scarlet Tears. 2. Beneath A Crescent Moon. 3. Adele Walking On A Spiral Highway. 4. Hear Me Out 5. Spanish Caravan. (cover from The Doors) 6. Cold Blooded Lover 7. The Chalice 8. Beyond Grasp
Band/artist history
If you want to read the long story of the band's origin, here it is. Conceived sometime in November 2003. While taking a break from the metro underground scene, Sam Vigilia started working on several songs from November 2003 to March 2004. After chasing muses for several months, he invited erstwhile acquaintance Marvin Abordo to join the band as the guitar player. Along with some friends, they struggled to get the ball rolling with once a week practices at Alberto's studio in Quezon City. The first informal line up was: Marvin on guitars, Sam on keyboard and temporary vox, Jon Canda (also the Five Wounds' bassist) on bass/occasional drummer, and Karl as the session drummer. After some time, Jon Canda begged off because of other priorites. Aldwin Santos then became the band's bassist upon Marvin Abordo's strong recommendation. Aldwin is really a guitarist but he realy wanted to play bass this time around after playing with several bands in the 90's. The band was temporarily named Crimson Lake. Taken from one of Sam's poem written on march 2004 about a doomed lover. While logging hours at the rehearsal studio, the band was also busy looking for a female vocalist who will make the words from the band's songs vibrate and shiver. The first to be invited was Katrina Pallon, an art student whom Sam befriended in one of his crazy internet escapades. The band tempted fate and proceeded to scout for other prospective female vox. Sometime in May 2004, the band settled with Ruel Sotto as the permanent drummer for the then Crimson Lake. Fate never wavered as after a month since Ruel attended the band rehearsals, Katrina became the permanent femme vox for the band. That was the time the band changed it's name to Scarlet Tears. After one of the band's song named also Scarlet Tears. Some weeks of gruelling rehearsals commenced as the band was busy too with school, work, and their own personal lives. But they perservered so that they can flesh out the band's music. Music that has already soothed each member's soul. Music that has yet to exist outside the rehearsal studio. Music that has yet to touch another willing soul. Scarlet Tears was born on October 30, 2004 in Saguijo Bar, Makati in one of the local scene's production outfits called An Elysium. Their first gig. Presently, they do gigs once or twice a month. And will soon attempt to release an independent record that will consist of around five songs, not ten songs mainly because of time and financial limitations. And so, the band trudges on...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We shed tears here: 1. October 30, 2004 - An Elysium. Saguijo Bar, Makati. 2. November 27, 2004 - An Elysium. Saguijo Bar, Makati. 3. December 30, 2004 - Plague Harvest. Kel's Bar. Malate, Manila. 4. January 17, 2005 - Mayrics. Espana, Manila. 5. February 4, 2005 - Mayrics. Espana, Manila. 6. February 23, 2005 - An Elysium. Saguijo Bar, Makati. 7. March 4, 2005 - Katipunan, Quezon City. 8. March 11, 2005 - Album Relaunch of The Late Isabelle, Makati. 9. March 12, 2005 - Beauty in Darkness. Mayric's, Manila. 10. March 30, 2005 - An Elysium. Saguijo Bar, Makati. 11. April 26, 2005 - An Elysium. Saguijo Bar, Makati. 12. June 20, 2005 - Backbeat. Mayrics, Espana Manila. 13. June 29, 2005 - An Elysium. Saguijo Bar, Makati. 14. July 2, 2005 - Anthems for the Departed. Mayrics, Manila.
Anything else?
June 3 2005: We are currently finishing our first EP titled: "Beneath A Cresent Moon" to be released sometime this year. Stay tuned for updates. Thanks!
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