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Uncle Seth
Uncle Seth
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Toronto area indie band. Adventurous performance meets great songs.
From its inception in 1999, Uncle Seth hasnt stopped performing its exuberant and accomplished mix of pop, rock, acoustic folk, twisty grooves, tender ballads, and pretty melodies, topped off byrousing vocals (PIC Press). The band is composed of Tara Thompson (lead vocals), Jay Moonah (bass/harmonica), and Chris Patheiger (drums/percussion). Uncle Seths 2002 album Lame Suburban Poetry received rave reviews, finished third in the 2003 Songs Revealed Competition, and was heard on CBC Canada-wide. The 2005 EP Forgive & Forget, Volume One captures their distinctive sound with three live and three studio-produced tracks. Melodic songwriting, inspired lyrics, adventurous instrumentation, and lively vocals make this band a stand-out, which is why they were named Dose Magazines Artist of the Week in April 2005. Uncle Seth has honed its live performance to a show, as opposed to playing a list of songs, and forging a relationship with the audience is key to Uncle Seths on-stage success. But the changing music industry has inspired Uncle Seth to be innovative in its approach to recording. MP3 devices have changed the way people listen to music, explains Jay. So Uncle Seth recorded a brilliant, bouncy cover of Joni Mitchells Both Sides Now available on iTunes and the bands web site and released it online. The single has garnered attention from podcasts and online shows, inspiring Uncle Seth to continue releasing both covers and originals in this format. Uncle Seths considerable creative output, evolving stage show, growing audience, and new online method of delivering music signals an exciting and intriguing future for the band. Tara Thompsons charm, wit, and powerful voice make Uncle Seths live performances not to be missed. Her honest delivery has been described as a breath of fresh air (Andy Creeggan of Barenaked Ladies and Brothers Creeggan). A classically trained trumpet player, Tara began singing at a young age. She studied singing in school, took private lessons, sang with choirs and in musicals, and was conductor of the York Region Childrens Chorus. Jay Moonah provides superb harmonica styling (Independent Weekly), self-empowering lyrics, and boundless energy. Having played guitar and organ from a young age, Jay has since added harmonica, accordion, harmonium, keyboard sitar, melodica, and bass to his repertoire. Anything thrust in front of me I can figure out well enough to play, he says. Chris Patheiger brings his extensive talent, education, and performance experience to the band. Chris attended Humber College for drum kit, but quickly became interested in Afro-Cuban percussion and hand-drumming. Getting his roots from songwriting bands and artists, Chris says, I gravitate towards good songwriting, good performance execution, and good drummin
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play regularly around Toronto and southern Ontario Check out our site at http://musicface.com/uncleseth for more information.
Your musical influences
Blues Traveler, Jefferson Airplane, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Rush, Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, Widespread Panic