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A poetic compound of Mind Body and Spirit defined by Godly lyrics
I Got Victory feat 1123pm compressed
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Its America
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I Follow
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Lights, Cameras, Action
The Word Will Always Exist
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My songs pour the scars of lies broudht forth by the stars and stripes; I C thru progressive sight but im blue due the the red and white land; I cant balance the scales from which life stands; I rather walk wit a man who sits on the throne by the fathers right hand to watch lightning crash and severe the nations, never was satan ever again created but destroyed by hatred; a void by anger war deployed by greatness and grace marveled by the faithful faces martyrs; sentenced to be part of beheadings, the start of the ending, shots in the dark are heading to ur heart descending ur spirit far from everything when the heavenly starts meding me i get down on bending knee not knowing my life expectancy cuz babylon the whore wants to have sex wit me; but i practice devil celebacy to hell wit he who attempts to dwell wit me in this lake of fires cell of heat; i rebuke ur language and the spells u speak i can tell ur weak and propelled to evil to sell the souls of feeble people to help retrieve ur goals but ur not whole insted you'll rot in a hole for plottin wats told in ur rotten scrolls and you'll crawl like trols out of the smallest holes under burnt bridges! You burn digits like 600 three score sixes on the back of our palms above the wrist. Its a planet of hazardous and unlawful teachings cuz humanities reaching satanic preachers for manic depressive seizures wit sacrifices for leizure an apple to feed you the rapture will leave u and capture to the need to before the natural redo; isnt the transparent see thru they dont love u Lucifer they just want to beat u but u became dull minded as we do! OH GOD we need you!!! all of these BELIEVE IN u they just dont BELIEVE YOU! They want to see you; but i understand we cant replace faith wit sight and make it life cuz with my heart i can see ur face with its naked eye cuz ur a saviour to to a saveless life the slaved to lies as well as the saved inside YOU NEVER LEFT ME YOU JUST MADE ME RIGHT!!!!!!!!
Band/artist history
We started out seriously about 2005 but before then there was always a pen and pad in hand. From poetry to freestylin to bangin on tables. We currently are tryin to put together a Positive Vibe/Christian atmosphere for the Rap industry. Anyone looking to help out is welcome just check out our contact info for your ideas and thoghts on our project. I've done open mics at house parties and performed for a couple of shows around the Long Island area but we are always lookin to spread our art from nation to worldwide so keep your eyes on the clock(11:23 P.M.) Peace!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes did 2 performances one at the Holiday Inn on JUNE 23rd youth blow out and the New Horizon Summer Jam in july and im currently workin on new demos and EP's for my next upcoming performances
Your musical influences
As for Rap my influences are Deep Space 5, Greenhouse Effect, Blueprint, Illogic, Atmosphere, Richie Righteous, M.O.D. and as for other genres of music theres Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Mozart, Quincy Jones, Warrior Poetes, and most music from the 30's and up. Rap wouldn't be here if it wasnt for them so THANK YOU!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Casio Keyboard, Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge, Gold Wave editor, Crate Mixer (cmx32), Samson Mixer (mdr10), Gemini crossfader (mx4200), Gemini turntable (direct drive), Samson resolv 40A monitor speakers, Samson C03 mic, M-Audio interface, and a lil help from our Vocals ( model # not included)
Anything else?
I just wanted to thank GOD for the talent that he gave my friends and I to come up with original music in the world of "tryin to keep it real." Come check out this art in poetry form.
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