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manik 1derful
manik 1derful
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manik 1derful , sunday skool dropoutz , freshcoast , n.y.m. vancouver
reunion mixtape ish
commercial drive[ unreleased]?!
the unchallenged
manik 1derful is probably the dopest rapper that has ever existed...at least in his mind. he hates hip hop music nowadays simply because he feels everyone bites his many styles way to hard. he is saught after in the female community based on a strong foundation of good looks and ability to create "mulitples". if you ever wanted to look into the future you finally made it home. welcome to the dementedly beutiful mind on manik
Band/artist history
What makes Maniks music distinct in Native hip-hop is his experimental flow and beats. His music is heavily influenced by underground and avant-garde hip hop; his flow is rapid and harmonious and hes not only focused on his lyrics but on the way his words sound to the listeners ear. By Matt Kruchak for exclaim magazine October 31, 2003 Manik is a emcee who has put his heart and soul into hip hop music for a number of years which some call paying dues . He writes and performs songs that give due respect to the world around him. On the same note he has been known to mischievously appear on Canadas mass media outlets with a extreme message of empowerment and resistance against the corporate world . This has stemmed from a long life in what seems to be a short number of years. His first show was in Victoria at the age of fifteen to kick start his alternative schools talent show. When asked about his years from then until his burst onto Vancouvers hip hop scene in the early nineties he says the explanations are in his music. In 2000Manik was introduced to the Vancouver youth arts and activism scene. He was attending the Native Education Center and met the folks of Redwire Magazine during a career fair. That has ironically led to tours across Turtle Island [Canada and U.S.] and the successful release of his debut album REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES On June 21st of 2003. His newly released album is called Real Eyes Realize Real Lies. His involvement with the Native youth Movement and being a part of a very large hip-hop collective fresh coast has shaped him into a well rounded well spoken artist. The album features other native hip hop talents such as Warparty Tru Rez Crew and infamous local solo artist OS 12. Manik has made a name for himself in the local hip-hop scene in Vancouver BC. A battle champ and a voice for Native people he does not want to be known as a good Native rapper but a rapper with skill and an artist that with a purpose. Its time for a fresh voice so check out Manik1derful from the Haida & Cree nations of Northern Turtle Island. REDWIRE MAGAZINE SEPT. 2003 He has recently joined forces with his favorite native m.c. OS12 and Vancouver producer Sichuan to create the group THE SUNDAY SKOOL DROPOUTZ. They recently released a E.P. for there album media medicine as a treat to those waiting for the last year. The full length will feature artwork from juno award winning artist Nelson DEDOS Garcia and is currently in negotiation with many independent and major record labels. This album is a major stepping stone for the artists involved but more importantly a testament of life as a minority in this world of discrimination. discography Manik has appeared on. SUNDAY SKOOL DROPOUTZ MEDIA MEDICINE E.P.2004 LOWPRESSURE COMP.2 2004 OS12- UNRELEASED TENSION 2004 STRESSED STREET GHETTO CELEBERTIES 2 2004 SNAG MAGAZINE C.D. - 2004 REDWIRE OUR VOICE IS OUR WEAPON C.D. 2004 D.J. MOVES RELOADED MIXTAPE VOLUME 1 - 2004 MANIK- REALEYESREALIZEREALLIES 2003 FRESHCOAST UNRELEASED COMP 2003 FRESHCOAST VOL.1 2002 TRU REZ ITS BEGUN 2002 MANIK OCCUPY AND MULTIPLY E.P.- 2002
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i have performed countless number of shows up and down the west coast over the last 5 years. i live to perform and say crazy ish that most are to ignant to say...word to buffalo burgers
Your musical influences
i like traditional native music. i like the watts poets....john trudell,,, and a million other artists
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