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Shorthand Phonetics
Shorthand Phonetics
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Shorthand Phonetics is Ababil Ashari.
Shinohara Yumi, Seiyuu Star
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The Academic Life
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Search for My Next Top Infatuation [demo]
Goodbye Juria
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Fujioka Tsubasa [single edit]
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Hello and welcome to my Soundclick site! Shorthand Phonetics is now just Ababil Ashari (Everything) and Album 2 entitled "Apparently...I'm In Medicine / Love, or the Illusion of the Beginning Symptoms of It" is OUT! And it's here http://www.archive.org/details/ShorthandPhonetics_Medicine The first album (with the other guys) can be found here. http://www.archive.org/details/ShorthandPhonetics_FanfictionFanfiction Download it for FREE now!!! Ababil
Band/artist history
The band started in early 2004 in a Performance Arts class room in a Christian private school in the obscurity of Sentul, Indonesia when Ababil Ashari handed Kevin Yapsir a sheet music for Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" to read because Ababil cannot read sheet music. The next day Kevin returned the sheet music and complained about how he coudn't read the notes because Ababil had been so stingy on ink and used the 'draft' setting on his printer. Daniel heard the arguement and randomly pointed out that Mew's "Comforting Sounds" would be perfect to cover and we started jamming that very day, quite amateurishly. Next week, Alfon in a conversation complained about his music teachers assinment for him that is to write a song. Ababil said, "I can write a song for you!" and they wrote the song in gym class with an acoustic guitar in 3 minutes with Ababil writing the melody and Alfon writing the lyrics. That song was "Wildest Day," the first Shorthand Phonetics song. Ababil's fledging band, currently unnamed, needed a bass player and Alfon stepped up. Even though he never touced a musical instrument in his life prior. Then after jamming for a while Ababil found out that he was a crappy drummer and asked in the open, "Who can play drums?!" in a fit of frustation. It happened that Alvin was around and picked up the sticks. When Ababil declared "We are a band, and we are Shorthand Phonetics" in band practice. The other members almost immediately took lessons, exept Daniel which had a background in classical guitar, yet doesn't show off in the context of a band. Kevin didn't need lessons for he is a proficient classical piano player but after he found the joys of rocking out he took electric Guitar lessons and rock drums! Needless to say Alfon and Alvin took bass and drum lessons respectively. Before settleing for the name "Shorthand Phonetics," two words he found on Microsoft Encarta 2003, he contemplated names such as "Pelita Harapan" "My Japanese Radio," "Fanfiction," "Shampoo", "Kevin Is Stupid", etc. but in the end "Shorthand Phonetics" was the heads and shoulders the clear winner. Not only did later Ababil found out there was a UK band called "Stereophonics." "Whatever," Ababil said. Then Ababil got a NEC Versa laptop for his birthday and the band started to record live demos into it using the crappy built-in mic in the laptop. Those demos became "The Healthy Paranoid" EP that features a live performance of "Wildest Day." Then Ababil started to become obsessed with songwriting and churned out songs on a weekly basis with the help of the band. One of them was a collaboartive song called "Green Apple Garden" which is the first Shorthand Phonetics single recored live with minimal overdubs with Cakewalk Home Studio 2004. The sound quality was appaling, but people liked it anyway. So Ababil was encouraged to record more stuff and write more lyrics and compose more songs. Then 3 months later, Ababil and Kevin jammed out "All Too Platonic" in Kevin's living room and recorded the basic rhythm tracks right there. Then the next day in Ababil's bedroom, Ababil layed down a wall of guitars and incoherent vocals. Kevin overdubbed a solo and the song became Shorthand Phonetics' second single and it was recieved quite well online with positive reviews of the song from Steve Gilmore of Soundclick fame despite of its hopelessly dismal sound quality. Although these days the sound quality is impoved a little bit (they changed their mic from the built-in mic in Ababil's computer to a webcam mic), it's still retains the Shorthand-phonetics-ism Lo-Fi sound from their previous releases which some people deemed good while others deemed bad. But Shorthand Phonetics isn't a band that dwells in choice of mics and studios... they're about the songs. Ranging from the rocking-trance of "All Too Platonic" and "Green Apple Garden" to dissonant ballads such as "A Girl Named Chris Is Missing" and "An Angel Descends On The U.K." and the epic 10-minute album closer "Lady Hermione's Library Is On Fire because of the Burning Minds Sparking Each Other to Ignite and It's Consuming My Flammable Ashen Heart." Shorthand Phonetics keep their "the song in number one" ethos intact and and will forever do so Their full length album, "Fanfiction: From the Seriously Absurd to the Absurdly Serious", was released on April of 2006. It featured past singles, a couple of EP tracks, the highly anticipated rerecoding of "Green Apple Garden" and the single "Requiem for Our Last Character Building Camp and Future Ones You Are Required to Attend." The original line-up broke up to pursue academic ambitions. Alfon, Alvin and Kevin went to the U.S.A. (most notable being Kevin as he was accepted to MIT), Daniel went to Singapore, while Ababil went to Bandung to study medicine in UNPAD. The "Shorthand Phonetics" namesake lives on as the Ababil's musical project and this current "line-up" has produced a single "There Is Only So Much Opera One Can Take at a Time" released on the 22nd of October 2006 and is working towards a 2007 release for album 2 appopriately titled "Apparently...I'm In Medicine"
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