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halovox is the music, lyrics and vocals of Frank J. Freda. halovox produces emotional electronic music that shows influences by both pioneers and newcomers in
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halovox is the music, lyrics and vocals of Frank J. Freda. halovox produces emotional electronic music that shows influences by both pioneers and newcomers in the alternative and electronic genres including Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, The Nine and Iris.
Band/artist history
Frank J. Freda was born on January 28, 1971 in Mineola, NY. Over the years, Frank's love of music deepened and his tastes expanded to many different genres. In the early 80s it was mostly top 40 from 95.5 WPLJ and Z-100. MTV also played a large role in introducing him to many new artists that would influence him forever. Bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, The Cure and Tears For Fears were in rotation on television and radio, but their full impact wouldn't be realized until years later. His first interest in synthesizers came courtesy of Genesis. Songs like "Man On The Corner" hit a nerve and sparked a new interest in music. It was around this time that his parents bought him his first Casio keyboard. Frank started out by learning the lead vocal melodies of his favorite songs. Slowly, he began to pick up chord progressions and started playing his own original melodies as well. In the middle of the decade he became more interested in classic rock including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Their lush arrangements and production quality were very inspirational. He became more and more interested in how different instruments blended together and how a producer could play a pivotal role in the overall sound of an album. It was also at this time that Frank began writing poetry. Most were either about romantic love or teenage angst. By the end of the 80s, Frank was listening to a wide variety of music, but Metallica and Def Leppard topped the list at this time. For his high school graduation, his parents gave him a more formidable Casio and continued to encourage his interest in music. As Frank was entering his first year of college in 1989 he was reintroduced to Depeche Mode. Listening through a friend's collection of Depeche Mode CDs he found a wealth of music, lyrics, production and vocals that completely agreed with his tastes. While everyone else was listening to Pearl Jam and Nirvana Frank was seeking out Depeche Mode's entire catalog of albums and singles. He began listening to 92.7 WDRE/WLIR and fell in love with the best that new wave had to offer. Morrissey and The Smiths, U2, The Cure and industrial acts Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, and NIN became Frank's new passion. He began his first attempts at songwriting and one of his early compositions, "Silent Whispers", would play an important part in Frank's musical and vocal development for years to come. Throughout the early 90s Frank attended as many concerts as he could and became more and more interested in not only playing the songs he knew and loved, but also writing and singing his own compositions. Frustrated by the limitations of his Casio, Frank started lingering around Sam Ash and dreaming of owning a workstation that would allow him to record all of the tracks he heard in his head. Upon his college graduation in 1993 his parents again encouraged him by giving him a Korg 01/W. Frank now had a tool that would allow him to flesh out his ideas. Frank collaborated with several people during this time. The most important of which was a friend he met at Sam Ash. Frank originally joined up with Brett L. to play synths after Brett had heard Frank playing in the Sam Ash keyboard department. After their first jam session Brett felt that Frank had the talent to front their duo and they started working on a series of cover songs and a handful of originals. Frank dubbed the band "Stripped" after one of his favorite Depeche Mode songs. The band was short lived, but it gave Frank important lessons in sequencing and his very first performance in front of a large audience of family, friends and strangers. From the mid to late 90s Frank began writing more and more songs in a variety of styles. He placed several electronic songs on mp3.com under the band name "Deep Freeze". One of those songs was an electronic rendition of his ballad "Silent Whispers". A friend and coworker asked Frank for a tape of his music to share with Kris Heireth. In October of 1999, brothers Kris and Tim Heireth were going to produce Frank's synthpop ballad "Silent Whispers". While working on the song the threesome hit it off and Frank was asked to join the band. Frank joined Brand New Idol and became their lead vocalist and also contributed to the band as a synth player and songwriting partner. Brand New Idol's debut CD "Still Beautiful Falling Apart" was released in November of 2001 and received high praise. All of the songs on the album charted in the top 5 on the New Wave and Darkwave charts on mp3.com. New Wave Chart Highlights #1 The Lonelier You Get #1 Your Favorite Disguise #2 Never Again #2 The Notorious Gentleman #3 Someone Else's Eyes #5 Silent Whispers #5 Hold Me Darkwave Chart Highlights #1 Still Beautiful Falling Apart The Electrogarden Network Community voted Brand New Idol "Unsigned Artist of the Year" and "Still Beautiful Falling Apart" was voted "Album of the Year" for 2001. In early 2002, Frank was invited to collaborate with good friend Ross Beall on his Simulator project. Frank wrote lyrics and provided guest vocals on Simulator's debut CD "Enter The Unknown" which was released by Cohaagen in the spring of 2002. For more information, please visit the official sites for Simulator and Cohaagen. The CD was positively reviewed and led to several 2002 Electrogarden Network Community Awards nominations in the following categories: 2002 Song of the Year - Divided by Simulator 2002 Album of the Year - Enter the Unknown by Simulator 2002 Artist of the Year - Simulator Throughout 2002, Brand New Idol played live shows in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island. In late 2002, Frank left Brand New Idol to pursue other musical directions and halovox is the result. The first official halovox production was a remix of The Echoing Green's "Fall Awake". halovox is currently recording songs for a full-length release that will be available by June of 2004.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
halovox is currently playing shows in New York and New Jersey and looking to expand to other areas throughout the U.S. and beyond.
Your musical influences
halovox is influenced and inspired by both pioneers and newcomers in the alternative and electronic genres including Depeche Mode, Erasure, Eurythmics, A Flock Of Seagulls, Front 242, early Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, early Nine Inch Nails, Ultravox, Camouflage, Cause & Effect, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears, The Nine, Iris, Neuropa, Simulator, Intervox and Nukleon.
What equipment do you use?
My main pieces of equipment are the Korg Triton and Korg 01/W Workstations.
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