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Snowball Johnny
Snowball Johnny
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singer/songwriter, blues, acoustic, live, DIY recordings, Lightnin' hopkins, jimi, Mp3PRO, Snowball Johnny, Rick Skuse, finger picked guitar, anarchy and freedo
Snowball Johnny - Mario started playing classical guitar in 1966, at the age of 10, untill he made 3 grades at 18. He stopped playing "dead people music", as he called it and started writing songs, jamming with his friend Bruno on old black blues themes, one would play rythm and the other solo. Listening to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, The Gratefull Dead, Jimi Hendrix' Experience, Lightning Hopkins is how he got into the blues! Some years later he got the blues, cold turkey-ing heroÃn, playing music in the streets and breaking his heart numberous times. SJ played lots of bands playing solo, rythm, bassguitar, bluesharps and/or vocals. He also plays drums, violin, cello, double bass and piano, but in the end feels real happy with a guitar a bluesharp and his songs... Just like at the start. He plays solo/acoustic since 1996. In 1998 things got interesting with the coming of mp3.com, and Johnny joined, publishing over 150 songs, which reached up to 65.000 payed downloads a year. When Mp3.com got sold and all artist uploads destroyed without notice, Johnny was very disappointed, lost a lot of recordings and had to start all over again. He started his own domain www.bluez.nl, but didn't stop joining independent hosts, today you can hear Johnny's songs at different sites all over the world, China, Brazil, Australia, Germany, USA, Japan among others. Most of his work is recoded to Mp3Pro files, half the size, same quality! You can find them right here at Soundclick @music! His video's are on the UTUBE! Please enjoy his "LIVE" recordings (even the multitracks are 'one' takes) and visit bluez.nl site for links and videos. Rotterdam, the Netherlands , january 15 2010.
Band/artist history
1966 - Classical guitar student 1974 - Streetmusician/ Songwriter 1976 - Kick Cloud & Bruno le Duc (duo) travelling Europe and Asia playing the streets. 1977 - Jailed for Bankrobbery (till dec.'79) 1980 - Snowball Johnny and his Hotshots (punk/rock) Debiele Eenheid (punk) Formaline Ka (punk) 1983 - StrÃr (solo/acoustic) 1985 - Electric suicide (garage) 1988 - Sole Survivor (rythm 'n Blues) 1995 - No-Men (harcore/old school punk) 1996 - Snowball Johnny (Songwriter/Blues) Recording at home, playing in the streets.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Snowball Johnny is basically a pub- and streetmusician, plays live a lot and with fun. All his music is recorded live anyway! You can find SJ every summer all around Europe, playing his music in the streets of Babylon!.
Your musical influences
Lightning Hopkins, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, the Beatles, Donovan Leitch, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Prince Nelson, Rory Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, BB King ,Keb Mo,Amy Winehouse, Noisettes, Zutons, Rovert Johnson, Elmore James, the Kinks ...
What equipment do you use?
Fender Strat, Gibson the Paul '74, Aria Acoustic 6-string with a Dean Markley pick-up, Di Giorgio do Brasil acoustic Classical guitar, Lee Oskar buesharps, ZOOM H-2, Shure SM58, Ubuntu's Audacity for mastering. Korg d12 occasionally mhen multitracking.
Anything else?
Love and Peace, No Countries, No Government, No Religion..... Imagine!
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