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Da Lucius Crew
Da Lucius Crew
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Aggressive metal from Norrköping,Sweden
Life ver 5.0
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A fistful of Metalcore and madness!
Band/artist history
Another year has passed since the release of their latest work, Woodglue 900. In that time Lucius came out with a brand new sound and now it's time again! The fourth demo is under recording as we speak and the band has promised a newer n' creative sound! Since emerging from Norrköping, Sweden in the beginning of this millenium, Lucius have become one of the hardest demo bands around their locals. The first release arrived in the year 2001 named, Welcome to the Machine, at that time with the original members - Clay, Bizor & Frazz. Chrome Magazine ones said that this was start of a very successful band. Their second release, Something to Fight For, proclaimed a more skilled playing in the 2002 when Dee took over the bass playing in need of more advanced lyrics from Clay. This were the time of the famous - F**k You, F**ker! Campaign. In 2003 there was some serious changings in the band, Frazz and Dee was replaced with Fidge and Vibe, wich bringed the skills to make todays best aggressive metal. The best demo, ever made, Woodglue900 was recorded in this summer. In this year - 2004 - Lucius got in touch with Hoffa, their booker. This was very important for the band, while Hoffa's setting up concerts and promoting the band, Lucius can concentrate completly in their working of artistic music! In March Lucius won the first contest of Live Original at Wasa and is now aiming for the semi finals. Everything is happening in this year, the new demo is comming up, many gigs around Sweden may come up soon and the reputation of Lucius being one of the best live acts around is spreading all over this country!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah! That's what keeps us going! The audience is really on it when it's a indoor gig, in a pub or something but still it's so awsome to do outdoor gigs!
Your musical influences
Well, actually we don't like to compare ourselfs to other band but just to give you a hint of what we're playing - Slipknot, Mudvayne, Metallica, Korn!
What equipment do you use?
Tools, skeleton bones and other cool things you can make noise with!
Anything else?
We're making our stand for what we're creating!
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