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Renee Walker
Renee Walker
12 Tracks
Music From the Heart and Soul! Hand made Hard hitting Ballads and Phat dirty pop/rock/alternative jams!!!
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One of These Days
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Peak in sub-genre #6
All in My Head
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Music From the Heart and Soul! American Invasion in Germany! Or German Invasion of America...all depending on which direction the touring goes!!! As we are a CULTURALLY INTEGRATED BAND of German and American Playahs!!! Powerful Ballads and Throbbing Modern Rock Thumpers!!! Featuring: the Life, Times and the Personal, Privat Tour to Renee Walker s Soul.
Band/artist history
A deep and charismatic artist, who after "the beginnings" of 6 years violin, 2 of piano, 4 years of Drama and Musicals training and 2 (early)years of ballet and 1 of modern & jazz dance, finally became involved in the live band scene in Florida in 1985 and New Jersey in 1987 & 1988, before mixing it up in Europe in 1989. Digging into diverse studio work with for example, ex-bass from "Rainbow", Jimmy Bain, Ralph Zang (producer:Julia Nigel/Chaka Kahn) (some lead, some backrounds, some writing and arranging.) and as opening act for a colorful schmoargesborg of Artists and Entertainers, like: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, Uriah Heep and Saxon, the Sweet, Ten Years After, Nina (99 Red Balloons), Banana Fishbones and Lou Bega & playing bunches of German Radio Festivals and other multi-group performances with various artists, such as: N-Sync, Mr. President, Masterboy, Haddaway, Worlds Apart, Inner Circle (hi, Stoney!), Scatman John, Caught in the Act, Andru Donalds, Londonbeat, Dr. Alban, Right Said Fred, Xavier Naidoo and more... Playing around 90-100 concerts a year (not counting my guest appearances with- ME & the Heat, Sean Treacy Band, US2U, Session All Stars, Renée Walker & Friends, Session Possible, Rock Club HD, Rock Show Schwäbisch Hall, BBB International & soon with two more bands that I will be fronting- KHALIDA & DREAMWALKER) and loving it!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live for the vibe of LOVE... I mean LIFE, of course!!! Being able to really let it all out and see immediately how this all acts and reacts with one another...is LIFE! We play all over Germany, Luxemburg along with Austria and Switzerland.Used to play in Fla.(Ft.Walton Beach, Panama City, Edgewater, Pensacola) And had a band in NJ for a while around 87.
Your musical influences
Influenced by all good music from the Classics (Mozart, Vivaldi,Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Bach and Bethoven naturally,2!)to the 20s and 40s & 50s ( Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, Bing, Frank,Judy Garland (and her daughter Liza) Elvis, Aretha, James, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee the Rock Revolution (Beatles,Led Zep, Jimmy, Joe C., Joan B., Ms. Mitchel, the Who,Simon & Garfunkel, CCR, Boston, Kansas, Earth Wind and Fire ect.) 60s and 70s, didnt hybernate during the 80s danced my fair share of the hustle with the Grown-ups at family parties! And caught a few bars from Barry White, Gloria Gaynor, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner, Donna Summer,Barbara Streisand and Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan. (there was also, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Heart,Tom Petty &the H.B.s,Journey,Foriegner, Billy Joel, Bruce and Jon Bon to keep ya warm on a cold Jersey night!!!), Went through long Musicals phase as a child. I WAS, "Annie" "Shirly Temple" and "Dorothy" from the "Wizard of Oz" & "The WIZ", "Fame(d)" literally, all over the place...Always was a Whitney, Prince and Madonna watcher!!.Did the New Wave/Punk lite, teen club scene (Depeche Mode, Berlin, Thomson Twins, Eurythmics, the Yazoo with Allison Moyet, Soft Cell and Violent Femmes, Clash,Adam Ant,Kate Bush,Talking Heads)In a class of their own: Peter Gabriel and the Policeïs, Sting.Indigo Girls. Did Nirvana, FTP, Stone Temple Pilots, Chilis, Beasties,Living Color,Salt-n-Pepper, EnVogue,AC/DC(grin), Supergroove, and just about everything in between...and was thrilled to find Harder,raw and dirtier sounds being accepted on commercial hit radio! Today, although I still enjoy all of my old faves 2, its Kravitz, Kid Rock,Skunk Anansie, No Doubt,Macy Grey,Massive Attack. There are so many more Icons of Rock and Popular Music that have touched my soul...Id have to make a seperate site, to get them all under one roof!!!
What equipment do you use?
Vox...normal:lungs, air, throat, teeth, tongue & a healthy portion of charm, you know...!?! (heeheee!)
Anything else?
Human people should be more considerate of human people!!! And everything else for that matter. Making Change Does Start With You!!! Show your love and give love freely...it will make your world a better place. A mirror somehow supported by a wire attatched to a neck brace, hanging directly in front of each human person...may help us all remember, how to do unto others...
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